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The Bring Back Print petition is gaining traction, as the Print and Visual Communications Association (PVCA) takes the petition to government and opposition MPs.

Printing for Australia: China
Printing for Australia: China

PVCA CEO Andrew Macaulay said the association has presented the petition to numerous members of parliament on both sides of the aisle.

“Things are moving fast; there is enormous interest in this,” he said.

The petition is a major part of a campaign by PVCA, AMWU, and Marvel Bookbinding to right what the industry sees as the wrong of taxpayer-funded print going overseas on the basis of cost. They point out that the government itself has imposed costs on Australian business – such as super, workers compensation, payroll tax, OHS and environmental compliance – which printers in China and Vietnam do not have to pay.

Macaulay said PVCA has been getting feedback from across the industry about where some government print is coming from.

“Some of it is absolutely alarming,” he said.

“It appears to be a lack of government oversight that has allowed what was intended to be a competitive procurement programme simply become ‘let’s spend taxpayer money overseas’.”

Richard Celarc, PVCA deputy president, said the association is determined that the print industry be taken seriously on this matter.

'An exciting year': Richard Celarc, CEO, chairman, Opus Group
Richard Celarc: PVCA deputy president

"It is essential for economic recovery that the government procures in Australia,” he said.

“The more info we get about the extent of the procurement of print overseas the more alarming it is; were taking it to the government assertively.

Celarc said bringing this procurement back to Australia will increase the viability of the Australian print industry.

“The flow-on effect will be an increase in the ability of print businesses to invest in more efficient machinery,” he said.

“The government itself is saying it wants to increase productivity, and this will do so, making us more competitive internationally.”

The petition already has more than 4000 signatures, if you still have not signed, click here to do so. Your signature makes a difference.

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