Bumper end-of-year Print21 being mailed to ANZ printers

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The latest issue of the nation's number one industry magazine Print21 is currently being mailed, with print business owners and managers about to receive a bumper issue to end the year.

Being mailed: bumper Print21 magazine
Being mailed: bumper Print21 magazine

With 92 pages, the new Print21 is the biggest end-of-year print business magazine seen since the GFC, and comes packed with engaging features on emerging opportunities in print.

The lead feature is the most comprehensive overview yet seen of new opportunities in textile, fabric and garment printing, which thanks to digital technology is now available to all printers. The issue has a 12 page insight including features on how to print digital fabric; profiles on businesses that are doing just that, Print Locker and Mereton Textiles; a practical top ten tips for fabric printing from Starleaton; and where exactly the opportunities are emerging. We also take an in-depth look at innovative digital print solutions developer Kornit, which now has well-known industry identity Ashley Playford-Browne as its ANZ country manager.

Two leading print businesses are featured in company profiles, providing a real insight into their growth paths, with Print21 editor-at-large Patrick Howard interviewing Imagination Graphics owner Emmanuel Buhagiar, and Print21 publisher Lindy Hughson crossing the Tasman to talk to award-winning Soar Print owner Fred Soar.

Labels and packaging developments are covered in depth, with a 15-page feature including an encouraging growth forecast for digital packaging from research analysts Smithers Pira and an insight into where the opportunities are to be found from packaging giant DS Smith. There is comprehensive coverage of the big Labelexpo show, a feature on market entry by Oki, and a report on a visit by ANZ label printers to the biggest digital label plant in Europe.

Every print business in the country is looking at wide format as an additional revenue stream, but although growth has been on a non-stop upward trajectory for the past 20 years, the advent of cheap digital signage may pose a threat. We speak to one of the biggest buyers of wide format print, Brendan Cooke, CEO of oOh! Media, for his views on the future of big print. The wide format section also has Nessan Cleary explaining how wide service print providers can optimse their offering to the market.

Finishing is under the spotlight, with the new generation of digital embellishing systems enabling printers to offer more to their customers. Jake Nelson talks to Emerald Press with its new Scodix, and we feature the MGI and Duplo systems as well.

We also interview HP Indigo chief Alon Bar-Shany; talk to a raft of printers putting in digital technology, including Charles Batt, Walter Kuhn, and Grant Cunningham; and have all the regular contributors, joined this month by mental health advocate Steve Gamble.

Print21 editor Wayne Robinson said, “The whole team is proud of the latest Print21, it delivers real value to the owners and managers of all types of print businesses. Print has been under the cosh in the last couple of months, so it is a pleasure to report on companies that are growing, and to provide some insight into some of the growth opportunities in print.”

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