CMYKhub fires up national capacity

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The country's biggest trade printer CMYKhub has all five of its print sites up and running again, and is on the front foot with ideas and solutions for its resellers to drive print sales.

Brimming with ideas: Dayne Nankervis, CMYKhub
Brimming with ideas: Dayne Nankervis, CMYKhub

Last month saw the company consolidate its print production as print dried up around the country, now however all operations are back in action, and staff that were stood down have been recalled.

CMYKhub has also developed a support programme to help resellers to target opportunities through the Covid-19 period.

Dayne Nankervis, chief operating officer, said, “We are reinvigorated, and brimming with ideas and solutions for printers. We encourage all our clients to talk to us, we will look at them individually. Our aim is to help them get back on their feet and provide real support.

“As a trusted supplier we will work with customers on a case by case basis, and tailor solutions to their market.”

“By no means do we think that the industry will just spring back into life. We need to work together to make this happen. The team at CMYKhub has been working hard in consultation with a number of trade partners to understand what printers will need to combat the next 6-12 months. We are considering questions such as; how do you sell print in a social distance world? Who do you sell to during a pandemic?

“We have a number of solutions to answer these questions, and would like an opportunity to share some of these insights with printers around the country over the coming weeks.”

Nankervis is encouraging printers and resellers to register with CMYKhub for information on the above questions.

CMYKhub runs offset, digital and wide format printing, across multiple sites. Nankervis said, “We can guarantee supply as we are able to produce the same job in multiple locations. We have also put strict health and safety protocols in place around hygiene, social distancing and contact. We have now instigated a weekly audit of all our sites to ensure the standards are 100 per cent maintained."

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