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Currie Group label and packaging exec Wayne Quayle was among the 50 global distributors who went to the UK for a week-long training and workshop session with AB Graphic International, during which they were also privy to the new drupa releases.

All machines engineered on site: Wayne Quayle, Currie Group, at the ABG global training workshop
All machines engineered on site: Wayne Quayle, Currie Group, attends the ABG global training workshop

It was the first time ABG had run the week, which Quayle described as ‘invaluable’. He said, “Few of us knew that ABG engineers all its machines on site, giving it complete quality control. Many manufacturers these days are really component assemblers, but ABG make equipment from scratch from sheets of steel.”

The workshops involved some classroom time, demonstrations on ABG’s expanding portfolio of machines, together with visits to customers to see the equipment operating in situ.

A total of 48 representatives from worldwide ABG distributors, including Australia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, India, and all over Europe, descended on the leading finishing equipment manufacturer’s Bridlington – East Yorkshire headquarters to learn more about key technical developments and product launches, particularly new Digicon modules, and Turret Rewinders releases.

“2020 is an exciting year for ABG with many new developments and our largest ever exhibitions at drupa, Dscoopand Labelexpo Americas,” said ABG’s Matt Burton. “Our distributors are an extended part of the ABG team and we wanted to take this opportunity in the first month of 2020 to give some in-depth training both in the classroom and, more importantly, by demonstrating our machines.

Training for global distributors: ABG
Training for global distributors: ABG

“Clearly it’s vital to develop relationships with our global distributors to make them as excited about our future developments as we are. In some cases we’ve been working with our distributor partners for many years, so for us spending time to get everyone on the ‘same page’ is time well spent.”

During the week, representatives were given a comprehensive factory tour and demonstrations, followed by theory-based instruction on key ABG equipment, including their range of Vectra Turret Rewinders, the new laser digital cutting machine, Digilase 4.0, and fleyeVision, the company’s 100 per cent print inspection system.

Of particular interest was JetFx, ABG’s new modular inkjet embellishment unit of the Digicon series, which can be integrated with the Digilase to get a fully digital finishing solution for self-adhesive labels. New Digicon modules, scheduled to be unveiled at drupa in June, provoked much interest from representatives. The modules will help increase efficiency, minimise downtime and guarantee superior results. Quayle said, “JetFX is exclusive to the label world, its precision and capability will prove appealing to label print businesses in Australia and New Zealand.”

Away from the classroom and on-site demonstrations, representatives visited two key ABG customers in the Yorkshire area, The Label Makers, and Springfield Solutions. With both businesses making substantial investments in ABG equipment, tours at both sites provided a valuable, real-time manufacturing insight.

Parts manufactured in-house: ABG
Parts manufactured in-house: ABG

“Holding these fairly intense workshops are crucial in not only assisting to improve revenue and expand sales penetration, they are also important in motivating our distributors. We have had some excellent feedback to-date,” concluded Burton.

Quayle said, “It was the first time ABG have run a global workshop, and it was really well done. I know talking to other distributors from around the world we all saw real value in it, and will be bringing back what we learned to our local markets.”

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