ePac sets record with HP Indigo presses

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Flexible packaging printer ePac has broken the production record on its fleet of HP Indigo 20000 digital presses operating around the world, pumping out 20 million impressions in January.

HP Indigo presses: ePac sets record
HP Indigo 20000: ePac sets record

Production reached a new record of 20million B1 impressions at 10 sites where ePac operates HP Indigo presses. Compared to January of last year, volume has tripled.

Expanding across North America, Europe, and Asia, this year, ePac serves more than 6000 customers, primarily small and medium-sized businesses.

Carl Joachim, ePac CMO, said, “Our customers have discovered the advantages of locally sourced, fast turnaround packaging as a means to drive market expansion of their brand. A high percentage of orders today are coming from returning customers.”

By the end of 2020, ePac is set to roll out a total of 52 HP Indigo 20000 presses as it continues its global expansion to 20 locations.

Alon Bar-Shany, general manager of HP Indigo, said ePac is leading the digital flexible packaging movement worldwide, as it replicates its HP Indigo digital printing-based business model in new locations.

“This expansion provides new opportunities for brands and end users benefit from digital printing advantages, including fast turnaround, no minimum order quantities, low waste and unlimited variable data for targeting, customisation and personalisation,” Bar-Shany said.

Pouches: printed by ePac
Pouches: printed by ePac

The growing ePac footprint in the US includes sites in in the US, Canada and the UK. ePac Asia Pacific is scheduled to open for business in Bandara Mas, Tangerang, Indonesia in the middle of this year as the first ePac site in the region.

Supplied in Australia and New Zealand by Currie Group the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press is 30 inch wide web printing solution with a capability to digitally produce the vast majority of flexible packaging applications.

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