Epson upgrades new Premium Partner Program

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Epson is launching its new Premium Partner Program, which it says comes with significant business-creation opportunities, and rewards for all members, including commercial, display, and direct-to-garment print businesses.

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Premium Partner program launched: Craig Heckenberg, managing director, Epson Australia

Under new managing director Craig Heckenberg’s stewardship during these recent challenging times, Epson has made serious moves to strengthen and expand its business in Australia. The latest of these is the launch of Epson Australia’s new Premium Partner Program, designed to offer benefits to current partners, attract new partners, and, critically, to create business and growth opportunities for all members.

Heckenberg said, “Australia, along with the rest of the world, has recently experienced challenges and tragedies the likes of which have rarely been seen before. For us, locally, it was first the bushfires and now Covid-19. Despite these challenges, Epson remains as committed as ever to its customers and the communities in which it operates. Right now our focus is getting business back on track, and our new Premium Partner Program is part of that.”

He said, “Our new Premium Partner Program is something we see that will be at the core of our business moving forward. The principles that underpin the program are simple – we are building serious, long-term relationships with all of our partners. As a result, each partner will achieve a status tier within the program and the appropriate rewards that come with that status. At the end of the day our Premium Partner Program creates opportunities for Epson and our partners to mutually grow our businesses.”

As a business-building exercise, special attention has been given to the structure and rewards that come with being a part of the new Premium Partner Program.

Most notably are the sales, marketing and financial benefits which include marketing support that is commensurate with their status tier, and invitations to Epson events, both locally and overseas.

Heckenberg continued, “At Epson we believe in nurturing our key partnerships with the ethos being, if our partners’ businesses grow, we grow with them. That’s the essence of a partnership and indeed of our partner program. The benefit of the new Premium Partner Program is that the opportunity to join and be part of it is now open to all partners and potential partners across all areas of our business, including in our ultra-growth area of B2B enterprise solutions.”

As a member of Epson’s new Premium Partner Program the tangible benefits include financial incentives including special project support that Epson says enable partners to win more business.

The further sales benefits include access to dedicated Epson sales and pre-sales support, access to exclusive promotions, access to and generous discounts on demonstration equipment and premium sales lead referrals.

Marketing benefits include shared marketing funds, access to in-depth product and sales training material, complimentary Epson merchandise, access to the comprehensive Channel Epson website, being highlighted on the where-to-buy listing on Epson’s main website, and eligibility to participate in key Epson events.

As a member of the new Premium Partner Program a company will have direct access to a dedicated technical support team with bespoke service and support training programs, service manuals, spare parts and service tools.

The Premium Partner Program is an initiative that Heckenberg believes will work to significantly grow Epson Australia’s businesses and the businesses of its valued partners.

“We now have a Premium Partner Program that has something to offer to all of our partners. Epson is expanding. Our product portfolio is growing. We now have more products and more solutions in more market areas and segments than ever before. The Premium Partner Program is our way of sharing the investment we make in our business every day with our partners, so they can grow their business with us in the best way possible – as a partnership,” Heckenberg said.

Epson’s new Premium Partner Program has three status tiers, Epson Premium Partner, Premium Partner Program Gold, and Premium Partner Program Platinum.

To sign up for or get more information on Epson Australia’s new Premium Partner Program go to:

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