Esko and AVT combine forces

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Esko and AVT Inspections Systems are officially combining their operations. The integration is designed to extend connectivity for customers of both companies by incorporating automated quality inspection into the connected packaging and labelling value chains.

Integrating: president packaging and colour management at Danaher Mattias Byström
Integrating: president packaging and colour management at Danaher, Mattias Byström

Esko specialises in developing integrated software and hardware systems for the print, packaging, and label industries, while AVT provides print inspection, process control, and quality assurance systems.

Scott Thompson, Esko regional marketing and channel manager told Print 21 that in the Australia and New Zealand market AVT has been run as a separate business, while being part of the same group.

“Now being under the same banner we can make a bigger impact,” Thompson said.

“It is better for industry, rather than working in separate silos, we're now a combined force; we can work with customers under one heading.”

Esko parent company Danaher acquired AVT in 2017 in a move it said would support its vision of digitising the packaging value chain. Mattias Byström expanded his leadership role from Esko president to include oversight of AVT in August 2019. He is now Danaher president, packaging and colour management.

Esko said it shared many of the same customers around the world with AVT. It said the combined business will see expansion of its sales and technical service teams with enhanced local representation, which the company says will ensure customers and OEM partners receive the same level of customer service and technical excellence they have come to expect from both companies.

Byström said: “We are on a mission to build trust in packaging for the long term. This means we are focused on continuously improving the specification, measurement and communication between parties across the global packaging value chain. By removing the organisational barriers between AVT and Esko, we are expediting this vision.”

AVT president Roy Porat said the integration would deliver simplicity above all.

“It will be easier for printers to measure print quality and colour, easier for operators to hit quality and colour targets, easier for teams to track and share quality and colour data, and easier for business leaders to buy and implement these solutions,” Porat said.

“Bringing our combined strengths together to deliver a complete solution is an exciting opportunity for our customers and our business.”

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