Fespa Live Day 2: Durst moves to P5 platform

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Durst is moving to a new print platform, the P5, which includes hardware and software, plus a white label web-to-print textile solution that print businesses can use.

New platform: Durst launches P5

The P5 includes a trio of new wide format printers: the flagship 250HS, and the hybrid 350 and 250. Also new is the Durst workflow software which includes Durst Smartshop ecommerce for B2B and B2C engagement. It includes an online editor, and is described by the company as an immersive customer experience.

Matt Ashman, national sales manager at Durst's ANZ supplier PES said, “The P5 is designed to increase speed, productivity and versatility. It is a whole new ecosystem.”

The P5 series is based around a smaller ink droplet size, and comes with new LED curing for low energy costs. The flagship P5 250 HS pumps out up to 600sqm an hour at 1200dpi. The P5 210 is the entry level machine with a capability of around 120sqm an hour. The P5 350 is a 3.5m printer which is both roll to roll and flatbed.

Ashman said, “One of the key benefits of the new P5 series is the ink purging, which is just once a week. The printers are aimed at high volume businesses and those with aspirations.”

Durst is also about to launch a new textile printer, the Alpha, which comes with no need for a calender system. Ashman said, “It will print 600sqm an hour of high quality pigmented ink. Textile printing is ready for take off in Australia, and the Alpha is a great means for entrepreneurial printers to exploit that market.”

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