FIRES SPECIAL: IBS to plant trees for orders of 1000+

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National trade printer IBS says in light of the bushfire emergency it will plant a tree for every order of 1000 or more business cards it receives.

Planting trees: Scott Siganto, owner, IBS
Planting trees: Scott Siganto, owner, IBS

Natalie McCauley, chief marketing officer, says, "We have launched a campaign called #RebuildingOurIslandHome in an attempt to do our part in helping rebuild our beautiful country that has so badly been effected by the fires.

"As a trade printer, we have a reach that extends past our customers and onto theirs and so we came up with an initiative that we think can really help make an impact.

"As a business, we’ve decided to plant a tree for every order of 1000 business cards or more, not just for January, but for the foreseeable future. Together we can help rebuild the country one tree at a time and make an impact."

IBS will email printers placing orders an e-card once a week from a third party for each tree that has been donated on your clients' behalf. Each card will say it is from the printer to the client (it will use the name on the job), and says it can easily be forwarded to let them know that their purchase has made a difference.

Printers can find everything they need here including a web banner, social media post, and email template so they can update their website, post it on socials, and email clients, so that they can choose to spend their dollars somewhere that makes a difference.

McCauley says, "We have already been met with an astounding about of support from our customers, with a bigger uptake then we ever thought possible as our clients share this initiative across their social and email platforms."

IBS has already been certified in Sustainable Green Printing, a certification program run by the PVCA. As part of this certification it complies with key environmental laws, manages its environmental risk, documents its environmental actions and undertakes internal audits to manage its Environmental Management System. We not only focus on waste, but recycling, storage and handling too.

It mainly uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified papers which have been harvested and produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. FSC paper actually uses less energy to produce than recycled paper.

It uses waterless offset presses, which eliminates the need for water and other chemicals traditionally used in the printing process. IBS says this is a greener, cleaner and more efficient way of printing than traditional offset as there is no need to use or dispose of chemical fluids.



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