Focus boss Singh boxes way to Australian Masters

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Focus Print Group CEO Mark Singh Shergill is finding a new way to release the tensions of running a business in the Covid era, taking up boxing – and fighting his way to a national title.

Champion: Mark Singh, CEO, Focus Press
Champion: Mark Singh Shergill, CEO, Focus Print Group

Having always enjoyed boxing, Singh Shergill took up the sport again late last year at the tender age of 54, when he visited the gym opposite the Focus Press Granville print site, and was encouraged by the trainer to start boxing.

After intense training, the CEO entered the Adelaide Masters, coming out second best his two fights. However, his third contest, in Bathurst, saw him emerge victorious, and against a 27 year old.

The just before the Covid lockdown he had a fight at the “Clash at Caloundra”, where he won the Australian Masters belt. He then had to rush back to Sydney before the borders closed.

In these times with the office and production is much quieter, life has changed and Singh Shergill finds it important to not stress or focus on those things you can’t do anything about. He says, “With the things you can do, work on those.”

So, during this time you will find him, and his boxing bag, in both production and the office gearing up for the return of normality to the print business, as well as keeping his fitness in boxing training for the next contest.

Singh Shergill said, “Keep well. Remember you are never too old to try something you have always wanted to try, modifying is good.”

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