Foxcil sends cheer to remote schools with care packages

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Foxcil, a leading trade print supplier of labels and flexibles, has been quietly surprising small remote schools across Australia with Foxcil Care Packages.

New look: Roger Kirwan (left) and Miro Williams, Foxcil
Spreading cheer to regional schools: Roger Kirwan (left) and Miro Williams, Foxcil

Carl Butchard, general manager at Foxcil explained, “We really wanted to show leadership around corporate responsibility and social justice, but given we are only a small manufacturing company based in Sydney, and that we don’t have lots of spare cash, we wanted to give back to the Australian community in a way that would be felt directly.

“Each month, staff members here at Foxcil are invited to bring to work something for a Care Package; It may be something their kids haven’t used in a while, a book, clothing, or a toy, something that may be appreciated by someone else. We hope that these items may be reused or reloved or just enjoyed by some children and teachers in Australia’s remote communities.

“Each month we choose a small remote school in outback Australia, usually with around 10 children or less, and only one or two teachers,” he said.

Foxcil also purchases new items for each care package, including such things as colouring pens, exercise books, and stationery, as well as some treats for the staff. Prepress manager Miah Fraser co-ordinates all this, and helps bring all the items together. Foxcil then arranges and pays to ship the parcel across Australia to the school – unannounced.

“The concept is close to Miro Williams, the Foxcil sales manager, who grew up in remote Australia, and understands how removed from Australian society someone in our remote communities can feel,” said Butchard.

Roger Kirwan, managing director of the Brookvale based business says, “I am really proud of this initiative and for the guys embracing the concept. We agreed we wanted to do something tangible, and real, that will hopefully brighten someone’s day and restore some faith in human nature. What better than a random act of kindness?

“We sincerely hope that this small gesture can make both teachers and students feel less isolated, and reaffirm that they all are a valued part of the Australian community.”

The programme started three months ago, and Foxcil says it has already received thanks and gratitude from the first schools to which it has sent packages. Kirwan says, “It has been heart-warming to all our staff”.

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