Frost in Vinnies CEO sleepout for homeless

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Lamson Paragon boss Rodney Frost will be among the CEOs sleeping outside for the night as part of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, and he is encouraging other print bosses to do the same.

Rodney Frost, Lamson Paragon.
Support those less fortunate: Rodney Frost, Lamson Paragon.

Frost will be taking part for the twelfth time when he spends the night under the stars along with hundreds of other CEOs on 18 June, although this year, due to Covid, the sleepouts will be taking place on the CEOs' own back yards or front drives, either on the drive, or in their cars.

The CEO sleepout aims to raise funds to for Vinnies Homeless Services, with $300,000 pledged so far to the CEOs taking part.

Frost said, “Asking people to support those less fortunate when we are all pushing our own financial limits, I've struggled with that. In saying that, as a business we must continue to support those less fortunate. It's the fabric of these challenges that have defined our values as a family and as a group.

“No one knows what will happen with Job Seeker come the end of the year, but what we do know is that unemployment with be higher than last year, and homelessness will rise.

“I don't expect any support financially this year considering Covid-19, however I do want to shine a light on the issue and the numbers.”

Any printers wishing to support the cause though can click here.

Frost has raised $110,000 since 2009. Homelessness is close to his heart, as his father and company founder Arthur Frost spent time homeless as a young man.

Anyone wanting to nominate a CEO join the sleepout can nominate here.

If you wish to nominate a CEO anonymously click here.

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