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The new sheetfed inkjet B2 Fujifilm Jet Press 750S has just been awarded Fogra certification for contract proofing, with the company saying it is the first B2 inkjet press to do so.

The validation includes Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 accreditation for premium coated and uncoated wood-free substrates respectively. It also has the ISO 12647-7 standard for contract proofing.

First for Fogra: Fujifilm Jet Press 750 S
First for Fogra: Fujifilm Jet Press 750 S

The Fogra accreditation follows tests carried out at Fujifilm’s Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels, using Fujifilm’s own proprietary XMF ColorPath colour management software.

All the other accredited proofing devices on Fogra's list are wide format print systems, Jet Press is the first B2 sheetfed.

Fogra says that with tests carried out on coated and uncoated offset stocks, coated inkjet paper, canvas and synthetic paper, the Jet Press consistently met or exceeded the required standards.

“We were impressed with the consistency and quality of results produced by the Jet Press 750S,” says Yuan Li from the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies. “Only printing systems with the highest level of performance could pass tests like these."

Mark Stephenson, Digital Printing and Press Systems product manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA, says that Fujifilm is delighted, but not surprised, by the results.

“For some time now,” he explains, “especially in the Japanese market, the Jet Press has enjoyed considerable success as a proofing device. It is a lot more than that of course – but we have seen it replacing the wet proofing process in Japan, in particular, as offset printers there have been quick to recognise its potential to create rapid and high quality proofs for long run offset jobs.

“The Fogra certification confirms the high standard of colour consistency and accuracy the Jet Press can achieve and we’re delighted to see it get this official stamp of approval. We believe this certification gives the Jet Press 750S a strong claim to be both the world’s fastest contract proofing device and the world’s only production press certified for contract proofing.”

The Jet Press 750S has also been awarded Digital Press Certification and the ISO/PAS 15339 Master Elite Certification from the US-based graphic arts think tank Idealliance.

Ellipsis Media in Queensland has neocme the first Australian company to install Jet Press 750S, going live with the new printer last month, and offering it as a trade service to Qld printers.

First in Australia: With the new Fujifilm JetPress 750S at Ellipsis Media are (l-r) David Martin, Rob Keanalley, and David Fritz.
First in Australia: With the new Fujifilm JetPress 750S at Ellipsis Media are (l-r) David Martin, Rob Keanalley, and David Fritz.
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