GJS brings Schulze DTG pre-treatment to Aus

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GJS has signed a deal with Schulze to begin distribution of its German-engineered, automatic pre-treatment solutions for direct-to-garment (DTG) digital textile printers, with two models available.

Celebrating 40 years: Greg Stone, GJS. 
Schulze for beginners and experienced DTG printers: Greg Stone, GJS.

“These new pre-treatment machines are two of the highest-quality automatic garment-coating options for both beginners and experienced garment decorators,” Greg Stone, managing director of GJS, said.

“Add in the ability of both machines to switch seamlessly between two different pre-treatment liquids, and it makes them perfect for people with two different brands of DTG printers.”

The Schulze Pretreatmaker Basic is an entry-level automatic pre-treatment machine created for those just getting started with DTG printing, but who would like to automate the pre-treatment process.

The Pretreatmaker Basic is equipped with a single, high-precision nozzle with the maximum spray area of 40cm by 45cm. The length can be adjusted to nine individual settings, each with 5cm intervals for precise coverage and reduced wastage. The operator can adjust the nozzle to spray uni- or bi-directionally, and the spray output can also be regulated with the speed of the carriage.

Stone says the Schulze Pretreatmaker IV is a premium, automatic pre-treatment system for experienced direct-to-garment printers who are serious about high-production workflow and a high standard of results.

Pretreatment for DTG: Schulz from now from GJS
Pretreatment for DTG: Schulz from now from GJS

Like the Pretreatmaker Basic, the length of the spray can also be adjusted, but in smaller, 2cm, intervals. The operator can adjust the nozzle to spray uni- or bi-directionally with a maximum spray area of 40cm wide by 60cm long.

Unlike other automatic pre-treatment machines, the unit is equipped with a switch-valve that allows the operator to easily alternate between two different pre-treatment liquids. An additional switch is used to clean the pre-treatment pump (including the pipe system), providing an automatic cleaning function using the touchscreen display.

The touchscreen display provides the operator with information such as the amount of pre-treatment solution used; the status of all system nozzles and if they are operating efficiently: and levels of pre-treatment and other liquids in the system.

The Pretreatmaker IV also features an open-source interface that can be connected directly to an existing customer order system or print workflow software or by using barcode technology to simplify and speed up production.

Both models are available now from GJS. Pricing is available on request.

“With DTG printing continuing to grow in popularity, we look forward to our customers embracing the Schulze range of pre-treatment solutions, no matter what stage their business is at,” Stone said.

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