Govt cash the target as PVCA wins Skills List review

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Intense lobbying over several months has seen the PVCA (formerly PIAA) win a review of the National Skills Needs List from the government, with the aim of getting print and packaging on the List, and so being able to access government assistance for training.

Training crisis: PIAA lobbying wins government review
Training crisis: PIAA lobbying wins government review

The National Skills Needs List is used to determine eligibility to receive financial assistance to take on an apprentice or trainee or up-skill current staff in occupations experiencing skills shortages.

At present neither printing nor packaging is on the list, and so are excluded from government cash; however, the PVCA believes the data collection method used to determine which skills are on the List is flawed, and once rectified, printing and packaging will make the List and thus become eligible for government assistance.

The Federal Government has said that the new review will ensure skills shortages are identified using an up-to-date methodology, to ensure that apprenticeship incentives are targeted at addressing critical skills shortages in the Australian economy.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO at PVCA said, “We welcome the Government’s announcement on reviewing the National Skills Needs List and thank them for listening to industry. It is vitally important for this industry that the Government continues to consult the print, packaging and visual communication industry and this review is a good step in that direction.

“The PVCA has been campaigning and advocating on behalf of our members in the print, packaging and visual communications sector for a review of this list, as we believe the current data collection method to be faulty.

“We have had an open dialogue with the minister’s office. Our PVCA team has been strongly advocating for this review since the Federal Budget was handed down in April this year. We ran a strong campaign on this issue, and thank the Government for taking our concerns on board,” Macaulay said.

Walter Kuhn, PVCA board president, said; “This review will ensure that skills and training in Australia keeps pace with the changing economy and advancements in technology, especially in advance manufacturing such as the print, packaging and visual communications sector.”

The review will be in two-stage consultation process. The first stage will see the Government seeking input on the broad design principles that should underpin a methodology for identifying skills shortages for the purpose of targeting apprenticeship incentives. In the second stage they will be seeking comment on the proposed design of the replacement skills shortage methodology.

“The PVCA will take a hands on approach during this review process and will also be seeking feedback from its members to ensure the industry’s voice is heard,” Macaulay said.

The PVCA continues to have an open dialogue with the Minister’s office and to lobby on behalf of PVCA members.

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