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With the same inevitability of the arrival of sunburn, hangovers and Santa Claus comes the latest in printing scams. Fred Mayer of Adams Print, Breakwater, Victoria, alerts me to this fairly insane proposal he received. It’s dead dodgy, even if you have to work out what the scammer is actually about. Fred forwards it to alert other printers to be on their guard against the sob-sister scams of the Season.

It comes from someone called Sarah M Stamp. The initial email goes…

I really wish i could call you directly, Am a single mother with two lovely girls for about three years now and sadly i had a motor bike accident since the 29th of Oct, was a fatal accident and just recovered back my foot also broken ribs but still fighting partial hearing loss & currently undergoing surgery, this will be the best way to communicate with you which i hope it won't be a problem.

     I will need to make preparations for the event (22nd of Dec) before my arrival...As a single mother i have been trying my all to give my girls the best and right now i have been planning to give them a surprising amazing sweet sixteen birthday party. I have been anticipating these surprise day for my kids in awhile now.

As am looking up to print 1000 copies of simple design invitation cards without their photographs attached is an artwork to be on below quality. 

Matte-uncoated Paper 330gsm

Card Envelopes : 148 x 148 mm Kaskad Bullfinch Pink 100gsm ( Optional i can later get them at the paper store if you can supply )

Flap: Square, 

Invitation Standard Size: A5 (5.5W x 5.5H inches) or A6 size (5.5W x 5.5H inches).

If other details needed please don't exitate (sic) to ask. Names: Hazel Stamp and Maeve Stamp.

I look forward to read back from you the total cost and a design sample if possible as it will be picked up in your store by 2pm 13th Dec.

Await your earliest reply

Sarah M Stamp.

After getting a quote for the cards, she comes back with:

So sorry for my late response as i have been under-medications and so weak...Thanks so much for the sum up quotes i really appreciate as it's affordable for me and i feel so satisfy now. I will like to make the total deposit $583.00 payment for my cards printing now as it will be picked up if not 13th then by 2pm 14th Dec... Also need you to please help me out with a little favor for more proper arrangement.

      I have decided to make the party their way as to give my big girls a colorful celebration with friends and families so i did organised a party planner who would have the house ready for the party, buy the things needed and put them in place before my arrival for the party which I would have loved to pay them directly but they not setup for credit card payment which is the only way I could make payment at this moment.

      And honestly to avoid any delays I will be forwarding you my credit card details to charge through the total sum of $3,633.00 which you could have $583.00 for the Cards then have the rest $3,050.00 transferred to the planner when the fund is cleared in your account so they can have all things arranged before my arrival.

      I so much wish to pay them directly but I am at the hospital right now and will undergo a surgery soon for my hear disabilities. Due to condition beyond my reasonable control for now it won't be convenient for me doing direct deposit into their account and my account online access is inactive that is why i want you to assist me... I hope you will understand me by putting my condition into consideration and I am sorry if however it cause you inconvenience.

     Kindly get back to me if there's any extra amount due to the transaction so I can forward my card details to charge the funds. Looking forward to read back from you at your earliest convenient time,

And there you have it. Fred says that he did follow up in the spirit of the Season …

I did point out I’m more than happy to visit her in hospital and then help set up the party so that the twins would really have a hoot of a time as part of our customer service and as we do like to help people in obvious distress. After all it is Xmas, but obviously she wasn’t keen on the idea! Go figure.

Oh yes, tis the season to be …on your guard. If you've heard of any other Christmas scams, please let me know.

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