Greenridge growing with new HP Indigo 7900

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Toowoomba-based commercial printer Greenridge Press has installed a new HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press, supplied by Currie Group, which will replace the HP Indigo 3500 it has been running for the past seven years.

Supporting growth: Kyla Osbourne with the new HP Indigo 7900 at Greenridge Press
Supporting growth: Kyla Osborne with the new HP Indigo 7900 at Greenridge Press

Kyal Osborne, at the family owned business said, “We wanted to build on the success of our original Indigo and bring in the higher productivity of the new model.”

Greenridge runs digital, offset, and wide format, and serves clients along the whole of the eastern seaboard, winning work on its reputation for client relations with quality print delivered on schedule.

Osborne said, “The amount of work we are winning for the HP Indigo is increasing all the time. We go to market on offering bespoke solutions to clients, with the HP Indigo a major part of that.

“The new HP Indigo 7900 gives us higher productivity, greater efficiency, and more options. It has been well received by the market, and is helping our drive to growth.”

Osborne said, “We have worked with the supplier Currie Group for many years now, so we know the commitment it has to us, which we have always appreciated.”

Michael Mostyn, QLD sales account manager for Currie Group said, “The success story of Greenridge Press is a fantastic one of a privately-owned and family-run company in regional Queensland producing, selling, and exporting products across the country.

“After much consultation to understand the businesses strategic goals, it became evident the HP Indigo 7900 was the right solution, to not only enable it to deliver on those goals but as the runway for further expansion. From the ground up the HP Indigo is a digital offset press enabling customers, in some circumstances, to replace their small offset press and in other cases, augment their larger offset presses with complimentary short run applications.”

Greenridge was established in 1992 by Mark Osborne, originally an accountant, who took over a small print shop. His son Kyal, also trained as an accountant, before joining the business in 2003. Since then Greenridge has enjoyed steady growth, as the management team focused on quality and service.

The Greenridge Group, which also includes Greenridge Connect (direct mail and electronic communication), Cranbrook Press (Toowoomba), Westminster Printing and Creed and Lang Printers, has been acquiring print businesses into its group for a number of years now. Through a mutually beneficial, successful strategy, the Greenridge Group has offered other business owners a successful exit from the industry. With multiple businesses currently in discussions, machinery to be able to support growth is imperative.

Mostyn said, “We look forward to continuing to be an entrusted solution partner for Greenridge Press, not just within the digital domain but across its entire manufacturing supply chain with Horizon and Foliant finishing equipment, and press consumables."

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