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Trade label printer Guru Labels is making its marketing collateral available to printers, to help them grow their label service in the Covid era with its high demand for labels.

Label marketing collaterol: Guru Labels making it available to printers
Label marketing collateral: Guru Labels making it available to printers

Nick Lowe, managing director of Guru said, “Many smaller printers do not have their own marketing people, but are aware the demand for labels as we go through the Covid time is growing strongly.

“So Guru is making its own marketing collateral available to printers, they just go onto the website to the reseller portal, their own logos are added, and they can download and print.

“They can then go to the different markets with the collateral, whether that is for instance the wine sector, or coffee bags, or their local mechanics for service slips.”

Guru Labels has 100 different flyers for different sectors, with a dozen so far available, Lowe says the others are being refreshed and will be up “soon”.

He said, “A lot of smaller printers are suffering a big drop in commercial orders with the virus, but the label sector is strong. With Guru they effectively have a labels manufacturing arm, now the collateral means they can go to market, take orders, have the job printed and delivered, with no investment needed, apart for some time.”

Guru has some 1200 printers around the country on its books. It has a pair of Xeikon digital label presses and operates from its new factory on the Central Coast of NSW.

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