Hexis Pure Zone laminates combat Covid

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The Pure Zone, laminates manufactured and distributed by Hexis, have just been certified by several laboratories as effective in combating the concentration of coronaviruses on surfaces.

Combats Covis: Hexis Pure Zone laminates
Combats coronavirus: Hexis Pure Zone laminates

Ian Parsonson, managing director of Hexis Australia said, “With plenty in stock and more to soon arrive in containers next week, now is the time to explore new business opportunities.”

Pure Zone products Pur060, PRZ150, and Pure Cover combat the viral load of coronaviruses, leaving surfaces 95 per cent free after 15 minutes, and 99.9 per cent free after one hour. PureZone works through reactive silver ions on the surface, which inhibit the virus.

The new anti-coronavirus accreditation will not see a price increase in the films, which have multiple applications.

Parsonson said, “We have had it used as a laminate over prints to include marketing, and also as a direct laminate application to door handles, hand rails on stairs and the like. Installs here in Australia include a number of restaurants, three pill-manufacture laboratories, pathology lab, dentists, concierge desk and traffic areas, and touch screens at Pacific Fair shopping centre, plus numerous others.”

Sébastien Machu, sales director at Hexis France said, “Our customers have been applying PureZone for many years on daily-life contact surfaces. Daily or casual uses are protected. From door handles to digicodes, not forgetting the touch screens of a large fast food chain, or reception desk of your favourite sushi shop, from the hospital recovery room to theme parks, the applications opportunities of our Pure Zone protection films are endless.

"And why not combine the useful with fun”, Marine Guelaia, Hexis decoration manager, said. "Transparent films from the Pure Zone range come in matte, glossy, with a textured wooden or leather effect or even non-adhesive.”

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