Is this the perfect photo printer from Epson?

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First ever 12-colour printer from the industry’s colour inkjet specialists covers 99 per cent of the Pantone gamut, with increased speed and lower running costs.

Cost per print lower: Josh Crowle, product manager, Epson
Cost per print lower: Josh Crowle, product manager, Epson

The fine art photo sector is booming as more photographers, graphic designers and artists output large scale images of their work for framing and indoor decoration. Close up viewing of the images leaves no room for misaligned reproduction while the creatives want absolute colour perfection for their work.

Epson has now joined the ranks of ultimate high-end repro with the launch of its first-ever large-format 12-colour printers. The new 24 inch (60.96cm) SC-P7560 and 44 inch (111.76cm) SC-P9560 have a new PrecisionCore print head and an upgraded UltraChrome ink set that includes three levels of black along with orange, green and violet.

According to Josh Crowle, product manager (pictured), the new printers can output an A1 image at the highest quality in 90 seconds. There are three different levels of output: draft, production and quality with varying speeds. Aimed at the print-for-pay market the SC-P range can be operated with the LFP Accounting software that calculates the amount of ink and the substrate coverage to deliver a cost per image. This allows printers to ensure that they charge appropriately.

Crowle maintains that the cost per print, even with the extra colours is less than before due to the new UltraChrome ink. The images being output at yesterday’s launch event in Sydney were on Epson’s own Premium Lustre paper.

The new models have a new Precision Core printhead that is over more than two and a half times wider than its predecessor with dedicated channels for every ink and 800 nozzles per colour. Supported by improved half toning and feed management systems this gives extremely accurate reproduction at speeds up to four times faster than previous generations and two times that of others in the class.

Epson has long been the brand of choice for professionals in graphic design, packaging, and proofing. Predictability and consistent print quality are key, as is the ability to work with a colour-managed workflow. The SC-P7560 and SC-P9560 are likely to only reinforce the brand’s position in the top end of the market.

The new models are rolling off the production line and will be available to the Australian market in November.

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