Kodak calls for Sonora Green Leaf Awards entries

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Kodak has launched its call for entries for its sixth Sonora Plate Green Leaf awards, which are designed to celebrate print service providers that are leading the way in adopting sustainable printing practices.

Kodak's Sonora UV Process Free Plate
Kodak Sonora process-free plate users that employ sustainable business practices are eligible to enter.
(Image: Kodak)

Entry window is from now until the end of this month.

The company says changes to the Awards will mean recognition for a larger group of sustainable printers: rather than one per region, it will be all who achieve above a certain score.

Since the Green Leaf Award programme launched in 2013, the selection of awardees was limited to one company per region. As increasing numbers of printers have embraced greener printing practices, Kodak has made changes to the programme for 2019 and going forward. To recognise a wider group of printers achieving impressive results, Kodak will now select winning printers who score above a set threshold.

"Printers across the world continue to embrace sustainable printing practices. They understand it's good for business and their customers," said Evandro Matteucci, the company's worldwide director of Product Management, Offset Print. "Kodak is proud to recognise the great work printers are doing to in this area. Through the Sonora Plates Green Leaf Award, we hope to encourage more printers to explore the benefits of integrating sustainable printing practices into their businesses."

Kodak is encouraging printers that are committed to sustainable printing, including past applicants, to submit their entries by the November 30 deadline by requesting an application at website address kodak.com/go/sonoragreenleaf.

Print Service Providers that are currently using Kodak Sonora plates and practicing sustainable business activities including recycling; using vegetable-based inks and eco-friendly paper; monitoring and reducing energy and water usage; using energy-efficient equipment; setting environmental performance goals; or regularly measuring environmental performance are eligible to apply for the Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award.

It says the application is streamlined to quickly collect essential data for the programme judges, requiring less than ten minutes to complete.

The winning printers will be selected in January, and will receive a Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award plaque to display at their facilities, and a digital badge for use on digital marketing assets including websites and social media accounts. Kodak will feature all the winners in an official awards press release and prominently on the Kodak global website.

Among the winners last year was the Fairfax (now Nine) New Zealand operation Stuff. Judges were impressed as the company set a target to reduce electricity consumption 20 per cent by 2020, and has taken several steps to achieve that target, including installing current transformer meters to measure all machinery in the plant; installing variable speed drive control systems on its compressors; and installing LED lighting throughout their print sites.

Stuff recycles plastic waste, paper waste, and all printing plates. In addition, it has achieved a carbon reduction of 51 per cent from its 2011 base performance, far above its target of 20 per cent to 25 per cent reduction. Stuff is also a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition to show its commitment to reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

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