Marvel ready to handle Bindery jobs

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Marvel Bookbinding owner Wayne Eastaugh says his company is ready and able to take on jobs that had been sent or are due to be sent to the now-defunct Bindery.


Ready and able: Wayne Eastaugh, Marvel Bookbinding
Ready and able: Wayne Eastaugh, Marvel Bookbinding

Following the sudden closure of The Bindery by owner Naresh Gulati, former rival Marvel is now the only trade house in Melbourune with PUR perfect binding, and the only one in Australia with hard case binding.


Easthaugh said, “Marvel wants to assure the trade that we have the capacity to handle work that had been planned to go through The Bindery.”


Marvel has been running a double shift, and Eastaugh is now looking at taking on around 15 of The Bindery staff. He said, “We have two PUR perfect binders – one has been running a double shift, one a single, so we have capacity on the machines, especially with the extra staff enabling us to put on extra shifts at nights and weekends.”


Easthaugh started Marvel in 1986, with his son Richard joining a decade ago. The company has around 55 staff.


He said, “Print is going through changing times. There was probably not enough work for two trade binders, just like in Sydney when the two joined to form Sydney Binders.


“For the past few weeks we had a feeling something like this was in the air, so have been making sure we are ready for this eventuality. My message to the trade is that we will fully support you.”


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