Maverick becomes MVP Print

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Controversial Melbourne print business Maverick Print Group has changed its name to MVP Print.

Steve Roberts and Sorcha Hopmans
Maverick now MVP Print: Steve Roberts and Sorcha Hopmans

Maverick caused uproar in Melbourne when local printers realised it was registered to Sorcha Hopmans, the fiancee of the owner of indebted Dark Horse, which went into voluntary liquidation, but not before allegedly transferring much of its plant and equipment to the Maverick site.

Hopmans in fact was the person who originally registered the Dark Horse Print & Design trading name in August 2005, and had it as a sole trader until 2010. She continued working with the company until at least April this year.

Maverick, now MVP Print, began operations in the old Longbeach Press building at 1 Rutherford Road, Seaford.

Australian Trade Printers has also moved into that building, vacating the premises it shared with Dark Horse on the Nepean Highway in Mornington.

The new Maverick has a sophisticated website, with online chat, offering a range of products able to be ordered online, and which bear a similarity to the products offered by Dark Horse.

Unsecured Dark Horse creditors will likely see zip for their outstanding invoices, as they will be last in line behind the employee claims and the secured creditors. The long list of unsecured creditors includes equipment suppliers, paper merchants, freight companies, and myriad small businesses.

Dark Horse debts top $2m, with $1.15m owed to unsecured creditors, $765,000 owing on a debenture over the company's assets, and $225,000 to preferential creditors.

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