MBE Manuka celebrating 25 years in business

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Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) Manuka is celebrating twenty-five years of ‘making business easier’ for the Canberra community; the long-standing MBE store opened its doors on 19 June 1995, with franchise owners Arthur and Marilyn Gray still at the helm.

25 years: John and Hjo at MBE Manuka
25 years: Marilyn and Arthur Gray at MBE Manuka

Since then, the duo has come a long way and are proud and grateful to achieve this significant milestone.

Marilyn said, “We’ve been honoured to work with a wide range of clients, ranging from small businesses, community organisations, through to international and national associations at both Australian Capital Territory and federal government level. It’s been an interesting journey over the past 25 years. We started from nothing and have built our business to what it is today.”

As franchise partners of MBE, Arthur and Marilyn have been guided by the extensive support systems, training and business operations provided by the global franchise network. With 2500 locations around the globe and 40 MBE stores operating in Australia, the MBE network stands out.

The established MBE Manuka location is no different. Many Canberra businesses depend on the centre for a wide range of services, including design; print; shipping and mailbox; and virtual address solutions. The popular MBE centre is a go-to choice for small businesses – giving them the tools and services to thrive in business and keep moving forward.

Arthur is humbled by the recent support shown over the past few months. He said, “We value our clients and we thank them for their continued support during this trying Covid-19 period.”

During this unprecedented time, the MBE franchise network has led the way in supporting their franchise partners by providing multiple strategies to help their businesses continue to operate.

Clayton Treloar, MBE CEO has highlighted the support currently being provided, saying, “We're still doing everything we can to support franchisees, by offering reduced royalty fees, ongoing communication and training, and increased awareness for the changing business landscape. I have spoken with almost every MBE landlord in the country to ensure our partners are being well looked after, and they are closely following the National Code of Conduct when it comes to landlords and tenants.

“I have been in close contact with the Franchise Council of Australia to ensure we are all well looked after and the support from both federal and state government has been very welcomed. Not one of our 40 locations across the country has closed and business is starting to boom again.

“I would like to personally congratulate Arthur and Marilyn in their big milestone. They are an integral part of our network and enjoy great success in the city of Canberra.”

The MBE franchise network is continuing to grow with new stores confirmed to open in New South Wales and Victoria in the coming months.

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