Mutoh launches new benchtop UV printers

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Mutoh Australia is launching two new benchtop UV printers, both with braille and raised effect capability, and which print and varnish in one pass. It will donate $500 to the Fred Hollows charity for every printer sold between now and Christmas.

Raised print including Braille: new Mutoh benchtop printers
Raised print including Braille: new Mutoh benchtop printers

Local managing director Russell Cavenagh said: “The Australian introduction of the XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF UV- LED printers continues to expand Mutoh’s roll-out of the XpertJet platform, with advanced features and enhanced user experience.

“These models will be popular among users looking to produce trophy and awards, signage, and of course braille signage – at which they excel – as well as personalised products, name badges, promotional products, interior décor, packaging prototypes, and drinkware.”

The XPJ-461UF and the XPJ-661UF come with an expanded print area of up to 483mm x 594mm on the latter. Both the XPJ-461 and the XPJ-661 include Mutoh’s UV- LED Lamp Local Dimming Control Technology, which produces glossy, semi-glossy and matte varnish printing in a single pass simultaneously with colours and / or white printing. This is achieved by using a 50.8mm LED-UV lamp with six zones that can be individually turned on and off.

“This represents a significant productivity increase where mixed gloss/matte/semi-matte spot varnishes are called for,” Cavenagh said.

Mutoh says its new XPJ-461UF is a lower-investment cost A3 printer with the same advantages as its A2+ sibling. Both can print thicknesses up to 15cm and can be set as either CMYK or CMYK + white + varnish. The varnish inks create special effects and embossing, while the white ink allows for printing on dark materials. High-quality ADA-approved braille can be achieved using either colours or varnish, or both for the fastest high-build available.

“To celebrate the release of these two amazing printers and their braille capability, Mutoh Australia is supporting World Sight Day this year on 8 October and donating $500 to the Fred Hollows Foundation for every printer sold between now and Christmas Eve,” Cavenagh said. “We work in an industry of visual effects so there is a great synergy between printing, seeing, and working with colour – and restoring sight, which the great Fred Hollows enabled for millions of people.”

The new Mutoh printers are available through Mutoh Australia’s network of reseller dealers.

High gloss in one-pass printing: Mutoh benchtop printers
High gloss in one-pass printing: Mutoh benchtop printers
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