NEW: Workflowz launches new Elpical auto enhance

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Creative software solutions provider Workflowz is launching version 12 of the Elpical auto image enhancement software, which comes with auto deep etch, auto tagging and auto enhancing.

Auto enhance: Elpical v12
Auto enhance: Elpical v12

Alan Dixon, managing director of Workflowz said, “Elpical v12 has been created to automatically maintain the standards that were common in the SLR era but are often lacking in images taken by smartphone.”

Elpical is the software division of Hasselblad, and is marketed exclusively in ANZ and the UK by Workflowz.

The new v12 has three key elements. First is the auto image enhancement, with new toning Functions for brand colours providing detection, protection and correction, the selective colour correction delivering precise colour corrections to specific colours in the image, and the mid tone contrast control is a separate control for contrast in the mid-tones. There is also a new colour balance engine for greater colour cast identification and reduction, and a minimum edge dot creation which introduces a border around the image edge to ensure a defined border.

It also has extended toning functionality with advanced highlight contrast controls, advanced noise filtering and reduction, and an enhanced skin tone recognition engine.

Dixon says, “The new Elpical enhances the image in an intelligent way.”

Second major new feature of Elpical is an auto tagging function. Working through Google AI the software auto tags the image, saving users having to manually input metadata.

Third Elpical is eEmbracing AI integration even further, Elpical is collaborating with the industry leading background removal software, to offer image enhancement and automatic cut outs/masks within the Claro workflow. Dixon said, “Deep etching is automated, which saves a huge amount of time, it is a real benefit to any user.”

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