• Leading light: Mikey Hart, Hulsbosch.
    Leading light: Mikey Hart, Hulsbosch.

Leading talent in the world of package and brand design, Mikey Hart from Hulsbosch, will speak about what informs transformational, sustainable brand design at Print21 + PKN LIVE New Frontiers in Packaging Print Forum.

Tickets for Print21 + PKN LIVE, which will highlight new opportunities in packaging production, and takes place in Sydney Monday 12 August, are available here. Early bird pricing ends on 28 June.

Hart, whose role involves packaging design for leading FMCG brands, will explain how he gets the job done, turning emotion and intellect into things that are useful and beautiful, always knowing he has to deliver future-focused packaging that adds value to the bottom line for business.

Today’s brands and packaging design are breaking away from tradition and designing new packaging for a world that is dramatically different from the past. As a result, focus is on one of the biggest market shifts: shopping with our conscience.

“When we shop we are considering carefully our choices - where we spend our money and by choosing brands that have a greater purpose. To be the most value, sustainable living brands combine a strong social and environmental purpose,” says Hart.

Know it or not, every time we spend our money we are casting a vote on the kind of world we want to live in. Hart will share some lessons and examples of social good for beautiful design, and what brands are doing around the world to help make it better place.

With over 15 years’ international design experience, Hart has contributed to award-winning brand projects for, among others corporate giants Bayer, George Weston Foods, Kellogg's Europe/APAC, McPhersons, Nestlé and Unilever.

“As I reflect on my career as a designer and a creative leader, I have come to realise it’s hard to do good. But I care and, when I buy, can see how I directly influence our environment.

“Everyday, I’m delighted to see there are more and more examples of greater action in branding. I’m UK born and a lover of tea. One of my favourites at the moment is PG Tips – the UK’s favourite tea brand – who have developed their product range in line with sustainable goals.

“They have introduced fully biodegradable tea bags in March this year. Unilever is aiming for every tea bag in the PG Tips range to use the new plant-based material, significantly improving its environmental impact without affecting flavour.

“In this brave, sometimes scary new world, it’s my belief that smart packaging for new products is absolutely reliant on the principles of design and should continue to be compulsory,” he says.

Passionate about the environment, Hart fervently believes brands can help challenge and go onto solve the world’s environmental problems – indeed, save humanity and the world as we know them.

Tickets for Print21 + PKN LIVE are available here. Early bird pricing ends on 28 June.

More information about the event and a full speaker line-up is available here.


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