POWER: Jet slashes energy needs in half with solar

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Australian supplier for the print, finishing, food packaging and industrial manufacturing industries, Jet Technologies, has made the switch to renewable energy at its Sydney headquarters.

Cutting energy consumption buy half: Jet Technologies
Cutting energy consumption by half: Jet Technologies

The installation of the industrial-scale solar project has enabled Jet Technologies to cut its energy consumption in half, in just one of many new initiatives to come from the family owned Australian company.

In addition to the switch to solar power, three members of Jet Technologies have been appointed to join APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) working groups, including the 2020 National Packaging Targets Implementation Working Group, the 2020 APCO DESIGN Working Group and the 2020 APCO Material Circularity Working Group.

The working groups allow organisations to take on leadership roles by collaborating with industry and government procedures to develop new initiatives for eco-friendly approaches to product manufacturing. They focus on things like compostable packaging, reusable packaging, and material flow analysis; an analytical method to quantify flows and stocks of materials or substances in a well-defined system.

Director of Jet Technologies, Jack Malki, was appointed to 2020 APCO National Packaging Targets Implementation Working Group. Jason Terry was appointed to 2020 APCO DESIGN Working Group, and Carl D’Costa is on the 2020 APCO Material Circularity Working Group.

“This will be a fantastic opportunity for some of our team to collaborate on making some big industry changes for the better,” Malki said. “In 2020 the Jet Technologies team will work to bring innovative ideas back to the company as we strive to implement initiatives to ensure sustainability within our company and the wider industry.”

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