PrintEx VIDEO: HP debuts dye sublimation

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HP is in the digital garment printing business, launching its new Stitch S series inkjet textile printers to stand C25 at PrintEx.

The dye sublimation printers are aimed at textile printing for sportswear/fashion, interior décor, and soft signage applications, which are all experiencing healthy growth, says Jeremy Brew, large format application specialist at HP.

“Décor and fashion application trends, on demand production, and personalisation are boosting digital print growth,” he said.

“The digitally printed textiles market is experiencing double-digit annual growth, forecast to reach $5.5 billion by 2023, according to Smithers Pira. We look forward to more digital print transformations being realised with the arrival of the new HP Stitch S series,” he said.

The range includes the HP Stitch S300 64” Printer, the HP Stitch S500 64” Printer, and the HP Stitch S1000 126” Printer. The S300 has the first user-replaceable print heads, and is pitched at printers new to the dye sublimation market. Its speed and ease of use have made it a major asset, according to Teunis Roos from textile print outfit Color Concepts.

“Our experience with HP Stitch S300 has been that it is much easier and faster than other dye sub printers we have previously used,” says Roos. “Most printers require manual action in terms of head maintenance and alignment, but the HP Stitch S300 is more proactive and automated when it comes to performance.”

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