Printing Industry Top 7 Day News Clicks

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The biggest story in the print industry this week was the Print21 report on the backlash to the Daniel Andrews roadmap out of Covid, which has seen Melbourne cop some of the harshest lockdown measures in the world.

Under fire: Victoria premier Daniel Andrews

The print industry and all other industries are in uproar over the roadmap out of lockdown in his statement, variously claiming it is risible, extraordinarily cautious, a road to nowhere, a document of despair, a kick in the guts, and saying he is destroying the Victorian economy, and that was before they knew parts of it, including the 8pm-5am curfew, were not driven by health advice.

Coming in at number two in clicks was the Print21 report on Domino’s Pizza now printing the Proudly Printed in Australia logo on its letterbox catalogues and pizza boxes. Its marketing director said the fast-food giant wanted to promote local manufacturing, and work towards a better environment, printer IGP has the Sustainable Green Programme certification.

The third biggest story in the industry this week was the release by mail monopoly Australia Post of the first list of metro suburbs that will only be getting mail five times a fortnight instead of daily. The 40 Adelaide suburbs are the first to fall victim to the AusPost strategy of raising prices and chopping services to arrest its sharp decline in letters.

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