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The Print & Visual Communication Assocation is launching a Proudly Printed in Australia campaign, with free artwork logo for printers to use on their print to show it has been printed onshore.

Free for printers to use: new logo to indicate printed in Australia
Free for printers to use: new logo to indicate printed in Australia

Andrew Macaulay, CEO of the PVCA said, “Proudly printed in Australia is part of the 'voice of our industry' message, empowering our industry to raise the profile and value of print to the consumer.

“As our economy moves into recovery from Covid-19 impact, many Australian consumers are looking for Australian product.

“As part of the PVCA 'print Australia' campaign, we provide the artwork free to all in the visual communications sector. This is to offer to all end user customers to differentiate and add value to their product with consumers.”

The association says the artwork “will distinguish your print for consumers, and is free to use for all designers, publishers, printers, and packagers in Australia.” The artwork is availble through the PVCA website.

Macaulay said, “Many members will have seen the startling news today that the iconic 'Made in Australia' green and gold kangaroo has been dumped by government.

“In the current economic environment it should be of commercial value to producers if print consumers are able to readily differentiate true made in Australia product versus imported product.

“We encourage all industry to use this industry-owned logo, which incorporates the recognised colour elements of Australia.”

The artwork is a clear visual nod to the former Made in Australia logo, now dumped for the controversial new AU logo.

Macaulay said, "It is purely serendipitous that the new Proudly Printed in Australia logo has come out when the government has dropped its kangaroo logo, we intended the new Printed in Australia logo to complement that. Printers will be keen to use the new Printed in Australia logo with its clear graphic."

Design for the artwork was from Label Factory. The artwork is available to all Australian printers for free.

First use has gone to two books: Marine Species Guide and Dive Spots of NSW. The 300 page full-colour books are printed by Scott Print in WA. They will be printed mid-July and available 1 September.

Co-author Graham Wilis said, “We (myself and co-author Johan Boshof ) wanted to try and keep both of the books, not only full of Australian content but also, printed and distributed in Australia. We were able to obtain competitive quotes from a number of high quality printers across Australia and are more than happy with our decision to print, bind and distribute both books locally. The service offered added up and the chance to put our money into the Australian economy in the current economic environment, rather than sending it overseas, felt like the right thing to do.”

Proudly printed in Australia: The Dive Spots of New South Wales
Proudly printed in Australia: The Dive Spots of New South Wales
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