RMGT launches oversize A1 970

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RMGT is launching a new size press, the RMGT 970, which runs to a maximum of 965x650mm, allowing for eight A4 pages to view with colour bars, crop marks, and other furniture on both sides of a perfected sheet.

Super-sized A1: New RMGT 970 Series
Super-sized A1: New RMGT 970 Series

Bernard Cheong, managing director at RMGT's ANZ distributor Cyber said, “The 970 is a complimentary product to the 920 series. For increased versatility, we will offer the 970 series. Together they will be our dynamic duo.”

The RMGT 920 is essentially an upsized B2 press capable of printing 8-up. Its B2 costs have seen it gain significant market share. The 970 Series is essentially a downsized B1 press, coming with lower plate costs and lower power consumption.

Compared with the 920 it has new electronic technology and mechanical architecture. The price differential is around the region of 15 per cent.

Cheong said, “There are markets that require a paper width of 950mm or 965mm, which is why the 970 has been developed. Both Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology and Cyber constantly listen to our users. They are part of our R&D team. They tell us what they need to make them profitable.”

A straight press will print at 16,000 sph,15,000 sph in perfecting mode. RMGT expects most of the 970 series will be specified with LED UV drying.

Cheong said, “Apart from paper size, the 970 has also addressed the other productivity requirements of our users including increased convertible perfecting speed (from 13,000sph) to 15,000 sph and increased convertible perfecting paper thickness, from 0.4mm to 0.5mm."

“There is further digitisation of the controls with touchscreens located in the feeder and delivery sections, higher feeder and delivery pile capacity (from 930 and 1030mm respectively) to 1100mm, and further improvement make-ready time and reduce waste by using parallel processing technology, and the print quality on thicker stocks is further improved by using bigger impression cylinders.”

The press has also been designed with the future in mind, Cheong said. “There is totally new electronic architecture technology to enable the future development of Smart Assist Printing (operator-assisted non-stop production), AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things),” he said.

The new RMGT 970 series will be available for installation at the turn of the year. It was due to have been shown at drupa.

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