RMGT looks to drupa Smart Factory

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Press manufacturer RMGT (formerly Ryobi) will present a cloud-connected smart factory concept at drupa, where the presses, post press, and other processes are all integrated with automated guided vehicles moving the paper around.

Take the challenge: Bernard Cheong
Take the challenge: Bernard Cheong

The company – one of the big five offset press manufacturers – will show printers how far the pressroom can go to automation. RMGT will have live automated guided vehicles on the stand, and will launch its RMGT Press Information Cloud (PIC) at the show.

It will feature an eight-colour RMGT 10 B1 LED-UV tandem perfector press, and an eight-colour RMGT 9 A1 convertible press, the perfecting mechanism and compact LED-UV curing system delivering instant-dry one-pass 8-up perfecting of A4-size. It will also have a straight five-colour RMGT 9 A1 press on its booth.

Bernard Cheong, managing director of RMGT ANZ distributor Cyber said, “In today’s highly competitive marketplace, we hear business owners saying we are working only for wages.

“With the RMGT Smart Factory Solutions, the labour intensive and burdensome task can now be automated. After paying off the lease, these wages will then be eliminated, keeping money in the bank.


“By using IoT and cloud technologies for real-time visualisation, workflow and scheduling can be readily improved, resulting in less downtime and higher equipment utility, so further increasing profitability.

“We would like to encourage our Australia and New Zealand business owners to take the challenge.”

Keywords for the upcoming RMGT drupa experience are automation, visualisation and connection, under the theme Assist Your Potential with Technological Expertise and Constant Innovation.

RMGT says that through seamless integration of people, machinery and systems, its smart factory of the future is responding to accelerating market trends, with an ideal production system where flexibly meets changing demand.

The company says automated labour-saving presses of the future will enhance print quality and shorten make-ready times, using IoT and cloud technologies for real-time visualisation of press operating conditions. All equipment within a printing factory will be interconnected and AGVs will relieve operators of the repetitive workload of transporting paper and printed materials to the next process.

RMGT says automation and labour-saving technologies will relieve operators from time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks and burdens, enabling printing companies to capitalise on their expertise and maximise their potential. RMGT’s vision is of a world where machines and technologies are designed around people for a higher level of creativity and efficiency.

Smart Factory: RMGT at drupa
Smart Factory: RMGT at drupa
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