Sureprint collapses into liquidation

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Trade printer Sureprint is in liquidation, the move bringing to an end the eight-year-old business that came to attention in the collapse of the Media Options trade printer, which went  down with multimillion-dollar debts in 2013.

Gone: Sureprint
Gone: Sureprint

Sureprint is run by Amrit (Amy) Chandra, the sister-in-law of former owner of Media Options owner, Bhaskar Datta. Together with another family-controlled business, Sydney Print Hub, it was operating the failed Media Options business under licence from the administrator, Veritas Advisory, after Media Options went into administration owing creditors $3.3m.

The timing of the Sureprint liquidation is causing interest, given the JobKeeper allowance, and the lease payment deferements, combined with inability of landlords to evict tenants mean most printers can ride out cashflow issues.

The opaque relations between Sureprint, Sydney Print Hub, Media Options and Sydney Trade Print were the cause of much speculation at the time. Following Media Options' demise Datta was working for Sureprint as a “consultant”. However Chandra and Datta later parted ways, with Datta now believed to be operating a print business under a different name in the Campbeltown Camden area

Sureprint was owned by Amrit Chandra and began operations in June 2012. Media Options, owned by Bhaskar Datta went broke 15 months later, with some of its staff transferring to Sureprint. Sydney Trade Print was registered as a trading name of Sureprint three months later. The Sureprint business was based in Revesby.

Liquidator of Sureprint is Steven Naidenov of Aston Chase Group in Sydney.

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