Top 7 Day Print Industry News Clicks

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The harsh restrictions shackling the Victorian economy continue to dominate print industry news, with the biggest story in print this week the Print21 report on the easing of restrictions in regional Victoria, and the somewhat muted responses to it from industry leaders.

Stop the presses: Victoria premier Daniel Andrews
Stop the state: Victoria premier Daniel Andrews

From yesterday, regional Victoria saw some of the strictest restrictions go, but with the majority of the state's economy generated in Melbourne the easing will do little to advance the depressed economic climate, with premier Dan Andrews again copping flak for print and business leaders.

The second-biggest story in the industry was the Print21 report of industry veteran Cameron Williams being appointed general manager of the expanded Digitalpress following the end of the handover period that saw founder Theo Pettaras leave the business. Williams has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including Hannanprint, PMP and HH Global. Boutique business Digitalpress will present a different challenge.

Coming in at number three this week was the Print21 story on the 10-year commitment News Corp is making to newspaper printing, signing an initial decade long lease on its new 11,000sqm greenfield site on the outskirts of Melbourne. The new plant will be equipped with two double width presses, and will be busy, it will print the News papers, and those from Nine, and those from Australian Community Media, under a ground-breaking print sharing deal.

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