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NSW trade binding house Twin Loop has moved into bigger premises, which owner Wayne Rubin says will enable the business to continue with its steady growth trajectory.

Finishing power: Wayne Rubin in the new Twin Loop centre
Finishing power: Wayne Rubin in the new Twin Loop centre

The new premises are located at Belmore, right in the middle of the Sydney metro area, with the increased floorspace a step up from its previous Macquarie Park location.

Rubin says, “We are delighted. The new building has off street access for delivery and despatch, it has a lot of floorspace, we have already added a mezzanine for storage, and we can extend that when necessary into an entire upper floor.”

Moving into new premises can be a daunting proposal for any business, planning and execution have to be well considered to ensure customers are still served during the transition.

The move was handled by AllCrane Services, Rubin said, “Currie Group recommended AllCrane to us, and they were terrific.”

The bigger premises gives the capacity to handle more business, and as the saying goes one man's ceiling is another man's floor, the demise of major NSW trade house Sydney Binding has meant Twin Loop is able to handle some of the work that was going to the now closed business.

Rubin said, “We have seen a number of trade houses close over the years; Perfectly bound, AllState, OpenFlat, and now Sydney Binding. We don't handle the long run work that Sydney Binding was operating, but the wire-o-binding is right up our alley.”

Twin Loop is in the short to medium run binding sector, with its Horizon BQ-480 perfect binder. It also has a VAC-1000 Horizon three tower collator, which feeds into a Horizon SPF-200L bookletmaker, which can produce A4 landscape.

The move to the new premises will see the company expand its finishing services activities. Rubin says, “Providing added value services is going to be a key growth area for us. Things like embellishment, putting pens on books, shrink wrapping, mailing and delievery. We already deliver on behalf of clients.

“We are also seeing clients who want one trade house to handle all their needs, they don't want to courier jobs all over town for different services. We have brought in celloglazing now, which has been warmly welcomed by our clients, saving them time and money.”

Currie Group remains the Twin Loop main equipment supplier, Rubin says, “Currie Group are professionals. They know the business, they know the industry, and they are supportive of us. It is good to have their backing. For instance when it comes to glues for the binder there are cheaper options, but we buy the Currie-supplied glue because we know it will do the job, there will be no nasty surprises. We pay a bit more because we know they have done their research, done their testing, and we can go to market knowing it will do what it is supposed to.


“Currie Group’s representatives made it clear they are interested in long term relationships. Currie Group has helped us to grow, and have made sure we have not been overexposed, but have provided the opportunity to grow.


“I believe in buying the best equipment. I want the best engineering and the best support. Our customers depend on us to get their jobs back to them when we say we will. There is a saying that is penny-wise, pound-foolish – we could get cheaper equipment, but it would not meet our requirements.”

Will Currie, NSW Account Manager at Currie Group said, "Wayne has built a great niche for himself by having the capability to do what most big binding houses can do but being nimble and agile to have great turnaround times and quality service to match. We hope that our strong relationship continues to grow as he grows.”

The impressive new building has meant Rubin has been able to keep all his staff, in fact for most of them, including himself, it is a shorter commute. He said, “I chose this building because it had more space, it had a long lease available, it is clean and modern – the staff feel proud to work here – it the off street access, and it is owned by a family rather than a corporate, I felt their values would be more in line with ours, and so it has proved.”

The new set-up has also seen a digital workflow management system up and running, with all jobs up on screens around the premises so everyone can see what his happening at any one time. Rubin says, “We are busy but carefully controlled.”

Now celebrating his 21st year with the business Rubin looks set fair to provide an increasing service to printers in NSW, ACT and beyond, with his new premises already humming with activity, and new ideas to serve the market.

New premises open for business: Wayne Rubin at Twin Loop, Belmont
New premises open for business: Wayne Rubin at Twin Loop, Belmore
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