G7 is drawing on ISO methodology to deliver ‘neutral grey’ colour measurement in line with the European standards of Ugra and Fogra. The move will heal the split on colour methodology and introduce new standards to the local printing industry.

Jason Hall (pictured) is the new Idealliance representative in the region. He aims to bring G7 certification to the Australian & New Zealand graphic arts industry, organising a US expert to come over this year to train locals to implement the new standard. The well-known industry identity is the managing director of Idealliance Australasia and a colour management veteran with ISO TC130 experience. He regards the arrival of the new ISO standards via G7 as a watershed moment in bridging the split between the European and the US colour standards.

The G7 set of specifications, also known as near-neutral, is used for achieving grey balance. It is currently being revised into ISO 12647-2. This will make the Idealliance methodology compatible with the Fogra and Ugra sets that have long been used in the local industry. It aims to work on any print technology regardless of ink and substrate.

According to Hall, who is launching the initial training and accreditation sessions for G7 in Australia, the system provides better value for printers. He maintains it is the leading specification worldwide used by thousands of printers globally since its launch in 2006. It is specified by hundreds of international brands including Microsoft Sony, McDonald’s and Lego. Designed to align print for visual consistency, it mediates process and quality control and colour workflow management.

Hall is pitching G7 training for local industry professionals who will then be able to assign G7 Master Qualification to a physical facility, such as a print works. He says it is the most sought after certification and the most specified standard in the world.

By having a certified expert trainer in Australia, one of 12 Idealliance offices worldwide, professionals will be able to gain expert qualifications while avoiding the expenses of a visit to Europe under other systems. In some cases the G7 Certified Expert expense is 25 per cent of the total cost of the others. A similar saving is had on the compliance programme granted to printing companies.

Hall believes the new system will increase the take up of print colour validation and process control throughout the industry. So far one local, Heinz Widmer of Kodak, has made the trip to the USA to become a G7 expert.

“Using G7 within a print production workflow improves output consistency across multiple platforms, print services and distribution outlets. It also tremendously reduces waster and increases profitability,” he said.

His expertise is recognized by Tim Baechie, CEO of Idealliance in the USA, who hails him as “an extraordinary resource for Australasia with his depth of colour management expertise, technology and software experience. He is a long-term PSO certified expert with in-depth knowledge of ISO standards and other certifications.

“Jason brings extraordinary expertise on behalf of Idealliance. He not only has the ability to service the market but has the personal characteristics that are the pillars of our foundation in serving all over the world,” said Baechie.

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