Velflex prints AFP Pick shirts live at event

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Print on demand was in full flow at Melbourne’s Docklands Stadium as Velflex printed the AFL 2020 draft shirt names and numbers live at the event as the picks were chosen, in less than 60 seconds.

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan welcomed “a new class of players who will soon begin their professional careers” in what was the first official event of the 2020 season. It took the Gold Coast one minute to choose Matt Rowell as the number one draft pick for 2019 – a decision that was expected given his talent.

Behind the stage, Velflex CEO Ben Carroll and Sarah Styles had set up, and had less than a minute from the announcement to get each of the shirts ready for presentation.

The duo brought a Stahls Hotronix STX press all the way from the company’s main manufacturing facility in Albury, and made up 125 name and number transfers - one for every possible combination of the 14 final picks.

As the picks were announced, Carroll placed the appropriate name and number – which were on its Flex Classic Vinyl – on the relevant shirt, gave it a ten second blast with the heat press, then peeled the transfer backing off and gave it another three seconds. Then the shirt was ready to go to front of stage to the pick.

Velflex has the official AFL licence to produce transfers for their shirts. It supplies media, printers, and heat presses to the trade from its Albury Wodonga base.

Less than a minute: Velflex CEO Ben Carroll printing shirts at the AFL Draft
Less than a minute: Velflex CEO Ben Carroll printing shirts at the AFL Draft
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