VIRUS: Paper supply strong say merchants

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The country's two big paper suppliers, Ball & Doggett and Spicers, both say they have more than enough stock to cover all demand for commercial grades in the coming months.

Paper for printing: lots in the country

With the global coronavirus putting pressure on supply lines around the world printers in Australia and New Zealand are being assured by the big two that there is no issue in supply to the local market.

Luke Wilkinson, general manager at Ball & Doggett said in a letter to printers, “our inventory levels remain strong, so we do not expect any supply issues in the short to medium term. We have instigated a number of initiatives to mitigate future supply issues including sourcing of additional volume from local suppliers where applicable, redirecting volume to suppliers in less affected regions, and providing our supply partners regular forecast to secure machine and shipping allocation.”

David Martin, CEO at told Print21, “Spicers has no issues with stock, our warehouses are full to the gunnels, especially having just had the Direct Paper stock come in. We are good for the foreseeable future and will be able to provide constant supply to printers of all types.”

Shipping is under pressure with the impact of the virus, and both merchants said they expect delays of between two and four weeks with new product coming into the country, but both have enough of a buffer in stock to accommodate a delay there, Martin said, “We have no problems with mills shipping, it is just taking longer in the water.” Wilkinson said. “Our mill partners have advised to expect between two to four week delays in delivery, depending on the supplier or region.”

Both merchants are taking the general precautions advised by the medics, with Ball & Doggett ending face to face customer visits for now, and Spicers separating its warehouse teams from the office staff and the delivery teams to minimise the potential spread of the virus.

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