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Industry suppliers' association Visual Connections is backing the Insight Series created by TRMC to counter anti-print claims, following the decision by Coles to stop its catalogues.

Print is essential: Kellie Northwood 
Important to fight: Kellie Northwood

Real Media Collective (TRMC) announced earlier this month a continued campaign to challenge misrepresentation of the paper and print sector for brands and marketers across Australia and New Zealand.

The newly released Insight Series will include exploration of key areas of strength the paper and print sectors offer for those managing marketing budgets.

Following the recent Coles announcement, TRMC has been on the front foot to defend the industry, challenging the negative claims made that using less paper saves trees, as well as other environmental myths and suggestions print is no longer an effective marketing channel.

“Our industry has long endured claims that paper is bad for the environment which is simply untrue. Paper comes from a renewable resource, tree farms are important carbon sinks and household paper product recycling rates in Australia is one of the highest in the world at 87 per cent,” Kellie Northwood, CEO of The Real Media Collective, said.

To deliver the campaign a call to arms was issued and the Australasian Paper Industry Association (Antalis, Ball & Doggett, Direct Paper, Elof Hanssen, Norske Skog, Opal [formerly Australian Paper], Sappi Fine Paper and UPM Kymmene) were the first to offer support.

Peter Harper, Visual Connections
Work together: Peter Harper

Visual Connections now has announced its funding and campaign support. “Visual Connections represents the suppliers of the print and signage industries and these claims impact our members. We are a founding member of the programs The Real Media Collective offer to the industry and proud partners, this call to arms was unanimously agreed by our Board and Members to work together to address industry concerns,” Peter Harper, CEO of Visual Connections, said.

Northwood said, “From GAMMA to Visual Connections, TSA Limited to The Real Media Collective we have held a valued partnership for many years with mutual members, partnered projects, government submissions and more. There was no hesitation from Visual Connections when we reached out to their CEO and President, and I want to thank not only their Board but also Peter Harper and Mitch Mulligan for really supporting the proposal. It is more important, now more than ever, to fight for our industry and strengthen our industry voice against these misleading claims.”

The Insight Series first issue has been released this week and explored the importance of Online Retailers using physical media channels to promote a genuine presence to customers.

Citing Boston Consulting and Harvard Business Review papers that outline print media provides a more memorable and visual experience with the brand. When considering recession proofing the document highlights that providing customers a stable and consistent communication through the pandemic and the impending recession will be critical for brand survival.

Data responsibility and pushing the media channels harder than ever were also key points with current examples of companies fined for data misuse and examples of brands pushing print media further.

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