• Tax bill paid in full: Brett Chalmers, CEO, Waratah
    Tax bill paid in full: Brett Chalmers, CEO, Waratah

Melbourne-based print business Waratah has processed its outstanding payment to completely clear its ATO account, with the cash now going through the system.

Payment was made on Friday, the court adjourned as a part of the standard process, allowing time for the funds to transfer. Brett Chalmers, CEO of Waratah, told Print21 that the funds were now going through solicitor's account to the ATO.

The payment will clear this week, settling Waratah’s ATO matter in its entirety. This will ensure the wind-up order will be struck out, and the case closed.

Waratah expressed gratitude to its clients and suppliers for their continued support and understanding. “We thank all our clients for their understanding and commitment to Waratah,” said Chalmers.

“It is now time to focus on the future as we concentrate on delivering the best possible products, innovations and services to our customers. We look forward to continuing our relationships with our respected suppliers and providing our valued staff with a successful and happy workplace.”

Waratah Group is one of the most dynamic print businesses in the country. The last few years have seen the company invest in both leading-edge technology and in acquisitions, most recently Pumpkin Digital.

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