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Packaging solutions giant Bobst has released new equipment for flexible packaging, corrugated board and folding carton, and says connecting the dots between Packaging 4.0 and Industry 4.0 is of great strategic importance for converters and brand owners alike.

Integrated future: Jean-Paul Bobst
Integrated future: Jean-Paul Bobst last night

“We are living through a period of profound transformation in our industry and our approach is to embrace that transformation and provide new opportunities for our customers,” said Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO Bobst Group. “The solutions we provide mean converters and brand owners can cope with the shifting pressures and rapidly changing environment that they face. We are on the journey with them and we can shape the future of the packaging world together.”

The CEO highlighted Bobst Connect, a link between Bobst production equipment and the digital eco-system (including third-party software), designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, performance and ultimately – profitability. He said, “Through Bobst Connect we provide machine and process knowledge to our customers, to make a real change in their way of working, which is in line with today’s fast-paced world.”

Bobst Connect solutions will have machine specific dashboards to visualise and monitor the health of the machine.

The CEO said: “Bobst Connect is fully part of the digital age and will continuously deliver new assets to our customers. For instance, soon we will offer solutions to prepare your quality and production jobs off the production line. As a step towards the next generation of process optimisation, the Bobst Connect platform will also include predictive and maintenance management solutions.” 

Industry vision: Bobst
Industry vision: Bobst

Bobst launched a host of production solutions, including for the folding carton industry:

• EXPERTFOLD 110 A3 Version

The new multi-purpose EXPERTFOLD 110 A3 version features newly integrated modules for the dedicated production of crash-locks and 4-& 6-corners, which simplifies and shortens settings when changing box types. This reduces setup time during changeovers by as much as 80%. The EXPERTFOLD 110 folder-gluer continues, more than ever, to be synonymous with versatility and high performance. It allows companies to produce an impressive number of box styles in a wide range of materials, producing cartons at speeds of up to 450 meters per minute, with very short makereadies and changeover times for maximum uptime.

• NOVAFOIL 106 Hot Foil Stamper

The new NOVAFOIL 106 Hot Foil Stamper provides efficient, versatile and cost-effective multi-color foiling that enables quick setups and changeovers for highest productivity, allowing customers to create more elaborate designs for high-value packaging applications.

This is the first in-line foil stamping machine from BOBST featuring a cross-foiling section. This exceedingly versatile machine can also be used for embossing, debossing, hologram application and even die-cutting.

The platen section and gripper bar advance system of the NOVAFOIL 106 have been redesigned and offer more pressure, longer dwell time, as well as smooth and steady sheet advance for amazing embellishment quality. Operator-friendly ergonomics and a high level of automation allow swift changeovers. Together with the possibility to calculate the optimal foil advance, this all-around trade finisher allows cost-efficient, versatile and productive embellishment at the top level.


20 years ago, BOBST introduced the POWER REGISTER. This ‘no sheet edge contact’ sheet feeding system was an industry-first and remains unique in its capabilities to this day. Today, ACCUREGISTER is a new version of this legendary optical cut-to-print register. Available on the NOVACUT 106 range, it will reduce setting times and feed related stops, boosting productivity and delivering outstanding blank register quality.

New features have been specifically developed for the ACCUREGISTER, also helping to reduce maintenance to an absolute minimum. It also features integration into the BOBST Helpline for quick and efficient support including human-machine interface (HMI) integration to offer best ergonomics for the operator.

With ACCUREGISTER, BOBST has taken the best elements of its legendary POWER REGISTER and perfectly adapted it to the NOVACUT range.


There’s more good news for anyone purchasing a BOBST 106 size die-cutter: these machines are now available with an optional SETUP TIME REDUCTION Pack, which makes it faster and easier to get started with any job. Features include a new 15” screen at the Feeder for faster setup procedure of BOBST’s optical registration systems, automatic pallet lifting within the Feeder for each new job setup, and improved HMI ergonomics, such as an easier process for automatic non-stop grids.

The Pack also includes TooLink, the new automatic machine and tool connection, including Recipe Management. With this pack, converters can minimize downtime, improve ergonomics while at the same time increasing their output.

• Digital Inspection Table - Folding Carton 106

The first BOBST Digital Inspection Table (DIT) has represented a breakthrough in quality control, streamlining the process, improving precision and automating reporting.

Now, the DIT Folding Carton 106 is the latest addition to BOBST’s portfolio. This advanced digital solution suitable for format size 106 is a smart digital device that compares the production results with the client’s original PDF.

It actively monitors all points of the production process, from printing through embellishment and cutting including inspection of braille and embossing. An additional camera digitizes patching sheets, so that they can be redone more easily in case of damage or loss. The DIT Folding Carton 106 helps to avoid costly customer complaints and ensures outstanding quality, every time.

For the corrugated board industry:


MASTERCUT 1.65 is completely unique – the only machine especially designed for litho-laminated converting – and handles carton and corrugated board as well as litho-laminate, making it one machine for all jobs.

Combining the advantages of folding carton and corrugated board flatbed die-cutters, it can process robust and delicate materials equally well, going from 300g solid board to BC double wall litho lam. A sheet-to-sheet top feeder for delicate and sensitive substrates, a specially adapted POWER REGISTER and its high cutting force enable extremely precise die-cutting, even for complex box designs and delicate substrates, ensuring an exceptional die-cutting quality.

The MASTERCUT 1.65 is also the only solution in the market for blanking in size VII and offers the possibility to deliver single cut, double cut and full sheets. Its exceptional ergonomics with maximum level of automation and accessibility as well as the completely intuitive HMI SPHERE also allow fast and easy handling for maximum productivity.


Available on the EXPERTFOLD 145/165, the EXPERTFOLD 170-350 and the MASTERFOLD 170-350m the SPEEDPACK automatic packer will allow converters to realize the full potential of their BOBST folding-gluing lines. With the highest possible number of batches per hour and very short set-up times, it drastically increases productivity while preserving box quality.

Folded and glued boxes are automatically counted, stacked and banded, and perfectly formed bundles are delivered, ready for palletization. SPEEDPACK can handle all types of boxes, whether corrugated or litho-laminated, from straight-line, 4&6 corners, to crash-lock bottom. This means shapes and surfaces with various slip factors are not an issue for this versatile peripheral.

For the flexible packaging industry:


oneBARRIER is a family of new alternative and sustainable substrates that BOBST is developing with its partners. One key project within oneBARRIER is focused on developing EVOH-free solutions for high barrier full mono material polyethylene (PE), whereby maximizing the amount of PE, we provide a packaging structure that is recyclable and economical while ensuring exceptional barrier performances.

Future projects are focused on other mono material plastic solutions as well as developing alternative fiber-based paper packaging solutions, which will be easily recyclable, supporting the drive for a circular economy.

oneBARRIER has the potential to transform the industry moving towards high barrier mono-materials as environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional multi-plastic and multi-material packaging.

• VISION RS 5003 gravure press

The VISION RS 5003 is a highly productive gravure press that delivers high quality printing at speeds up to 450 m/min on a wide range of flexible substrates.

BOBST is proud of announcing new solutions based on the VISION RS 5003 that address specific customer needs and meet specific local market requirements. For example, in India and other regions, converters are looking to improve their sustainability credentials while also looking for high-speed presses with automation features that make life easier for the operator. The VISION RS 5003 fulfils these needs and more. Automation solutions and smart trolleys make job preparation fast and easy, while the Total Automatic Pre-register Setting (TAPS) enables fast machine set-up and minimum waste independent of the press operator skills.

• Siegwerk partnership for water-based inks

BOBST developed successful water-based applications on its gravure presses, utilizing Siegwerk’s new formulation water-based inks. The partnership with the ink manufacturer aims to provide ink formulas that have already set unprecedented performance and quality levels in gravure printing, and which have much lower VOC content than many current alternative water-based offerings on the market. These solutions will ensure that BOBST customers can improve their sustainability, comply with the latest regulations and remain one step ahead addressing new regulation effectively.

New solutions provide a clear path to the future of packaging

While the solutions unveiled today are distinct and diverse in their multiple benefits, they share something in common – they all clearly support BOBST’s central strategy and vision. Whether it is providing increased automation for higher productivity, optimized digitalization and connectivity to better integrate converters’ solutions, or superior sustainability to reduce waste and increase efficiencies, the solutions are based around the four key pillars that drive the BOBST vision – to shape the future of the packaging world.

In addition reacting to the agile needs of packaging converters, the myBOBST service uses digital technologies to help brands stay connected when unexpected events or special challenges arise.

• BOBST oneECG sets new color management standards for the entire industry, increasing quality and reducing waste
oneECG is BOBST’s Extended Color Gamut technology deployed across analogue and digital printing for label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board. ECG refers to a set of process inks – typically 7 – to achieve through a specific combination a color gamut larger than the traditional CMYK, ensuring color repeatability irrespective of the color operator’s skill.

oneECG not only brings efficiency and productivity but it allows our customers to produce in a more sustainable way. With oneECG in gravure for example, customers can reduce ink consumption, leftovers and material waste by up to 50%.

BOBST has invested a lot of energy with oneECG in gravure over the past years. The company has tested various ink types including NC-PU and PU profiles on both polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and for each, has developed the relative Gamut profile. BOBST has also carried out several oneECG demonstrations on the gravure machines in its competence center, which have convinced both converters and brand owners. BOBST has a number of ongoing projects with various customers and has already sold a oneECG-ready EXPERT RS 6003, which is its new generation gravure printing press.

BOBST is currently working on additional developments, including further enhancements to the HMI dedicated to oneECG and additional automatic in-line processes and new certifications and patents dedicated to this project.

• BOBST new label portfolio powered by the digitalization open new horizons
BOBST is aiming to lead the next chapter of digitalization of label production and also going beyond digital printing, offering fully digitalized solutions in flexo, digital inkjet and the combination of both.

To ensure the vision is implemented effectively, in early 2021 BOBST acquired the remaining 49.9% of Mouvent AG. This acquisition is a commitment towards an acceleration of the digitalization of printing based on a unique cluster technology delivering high quality, high speed and the lowest TCO. BOBST will now integrate Mouvent fully under the BOSBT brand and go-to-market activities.

At BOBST, we believe that the future of label production will be primarily driven by inkjet developments and the growth of the All-in-One category we announced back in 2019.

In 2020, the BOBST DM5 received the EDP Industry Award for the best combined label and flexible packaging printer of the year. In 2021, the BOBST DM5 is fully commercially available with various installations at customer sites doing things that were previously not possible.

The BOBST MASTER DM5 sets a new standard for the digitalization of the label industry. Prime, print, embellish, cut – all-in-one, all-inline, with digitally automated on-the-fly non-stop job change, an exceptionally high press uptime and outstanding repeatability regardless of the operator's skills.

We believe that digitalized, closed-loop end-to-end connected systems are the future for labels, enabling converters to deliver faster, with better quality and less waste and more profitably answering the growing demand for on-demand labels production. Making All-in-One, All-in-Line a reality is one of the best proof points of the new Packaging 4.0 industry vision with the amin to optimize the entire production floor.

• BOBST Digital Inspection Tables to digitally and data driven enhance quality and reduce waste
The BOBST Digital Inspection Table (DIT) solutions represent a breakthrough in quality control, streamlining the process, improving precision and automating reporting, and represent a strategic piece within the Packaging 4.0 roll-out.
This fully digitalized tables use data to avoid human errors, significantly decrease waste, and reduce expensive and damaging recalls. It enhances customer relationships based on data driven business insights. If converters want to deploy an industry 4.0-compliant packaging production process, this product is a must-have.

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