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EFI is launching a new version of its single-pass digital inkjet corrugated printer, the new EF Nozomi C18000 Plus, building on the performance features of the Nozomi C18000 with what the company says are significant improvements.

New digital corrugated printing: EFI Nozomi C1800 Plus
New digital corrugated printing: EFI Nozomi C1800 Plus

The company says the improvements ensure even greater productivity, quality, and versatility for post-print corrugated packaging and display operations. The Nozomi was first launched three years ago and one is operational in ANZ, at the Orora plant in Melbourne.

The new Plus model – which also includes variable-data, ink savings, and cloud-management capabilities for the printer’s EFI Fiery digital front end (DFE) – is available now. Current users of EFI Nozomi printers can also purchase the Plus model as a field upgrade.

Key enhancements for the 71-inch-wide, direct-to-board LED UV inkjet printer include new advanced transport feed and patented vacuum table systems that eliminate warping while maximising printer productivity and uptime. The Nozomi C18000 Plus also features an improved post-print quality inspection system to help users monitor quality and quickly identify inkjet nozzle issues or other defects.

The printer can also detect and recover from jams within seconds with automated continuation of jobs in sequence – an important factor in variable-data work. Busy shops will also appreciate the Nozomi C18000 Plus printer’s improved rush proof feature, which can generate and output a proof within 90 seconds, while another job is running on the printer.

Operating at speeds up to 75 linear meters per minute – producing up to 10,000 890x890mm boards per hour two-up – the printer also features new coater options, including a quick-change anilox coater for improved performance. In addition to its standard CMYK inkset, the printer is available with optional orange, violet or white inks for an imaging gamut of up to 97 per cent of Pantone colours.

EFI has significantly enhanced its Nozomi Digital Solutions Program of professional services, including training and support capabilities, with the Nozomi C18000 Plus launch to further ensure users’ success with their investment.

Job processing for the Nozomi C18000 Plus is 5 per cent faster thanks to the latest version of the EFI Fiery NZ-1000 DFE used to control the printer. In addition to its impressive speed improvement, the blade-server based DFE features Adobe PDF Print Engine 5 for quick, high-impact colour rendering and smoother edges on graphics.

The Fiery NZ-1000 DFE also features Smart Ink Estimator, an advanced solution that accurately analyses image data for more-precise control of ink costs. Fiery Edge, EFI’s next-generation profiling technology for Fiery Driven printers, is included as well. Fiery Edge provides ink saving technology that combines GCR and black generation controls with proprietary technologies, so users can further reduce ink costs with no visible loss to image quality. A Fiery Intensify solution within Edge is what EFI says is a reliable, high-quality rendering intent innovation that can increase colour and saturation while maintaining neutral greys and realistic skin tones.

There are several additional Fiery products included with the EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus, such as Fiery JobFlow Base, which automates repetitive job setups; Fiery Spot Pro, which helps ensure maximum accuracy of brand and other spot colours; and Fiery FreeForm Create, a visual variable-data print creation application.

Nozomi digital corrugated production enters the cloud era with another new capability on the Plus model – integration with EFI IQ, a new suite of free and paid applications. EFI says the IQ applications give Nozomi C18000 Plus users the ability to better manage their operations by extracting value from operational data. This includes the EFI IQ Dashboard for a personalised view of the day’s digital printing activities; EFI Insight for deep historical data in an easy-to-use, interactive environment; and EFI Notify, which enables automatic distribution of reports and provides users important alerts for production-blocking events.

The EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus is part of a complete ecosystem for corrugated manufacturing available from EFI, with leading edge inks, Fiery DFE technology and a complete EFI Corrugated Packaging Suite business and production management workflow.

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