Impact launches world-first sustainable forest initiative

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Sydney-based tube manufacturer Impact International has made another major step on its sustainability journey, launching a first-of-its-kind carbon-offset forest initiative, in partnership with leading Australian brands.

Sign of positive change: Impact International MD Aleks Lajovic (left) and engineering manager, Stuart Hunt in the sustainable forest initiative
Sign of positive change: Impact International MD Aleks Lajovic (left) and engineering manager, Stuart Hunt at the site of the sustainable forest initiative.

With this move, Impact International becomes the first tube manufacturer in the world to offset the carbon emissions of the tubes the company manufactures through its own forestry infrastructure.

Speaking to Print21 at the time of the launch, Impact International managing director Aleks Lajovic said, “Based on a standard extruded plastic tube that holds 100ml of product, the Impact International forest can offset the raw materials used to manufacture approximately 30 million 100ml tubes each year.”

Lajovic said, “The Impact International forest is being used for wildlife protection and rehabilitation as well as to reducing the carbon footprint of our customers’ packaging and supply chain. Customers who are participating in our sustainable forest program have access to the most sustainable tubes available in the world, plus are helping to protect native Australian wildlife.”

Impact’s forest – an agroforestry Pinus radiate plantation of 20,000 trees, and another 1300 Australian native trees – is located 40 minutes’ drive from Canberra and less than three hours from Impact International’s Smithfield, NSW headquarters.

As a family-owned and operated business that has been in Australia for 62 years, Impact International takes it environmental credentials seriously, Lajovic tells Print21. The company already has a large solar farm, so the factory generates its own energy. Any energy that Impact International cannot generate is purchased and is carbon neutral. Tubes are also manufactured using sugar cane-derived plastic (a renewable resource) and recycled plastic, which is helping to tackle Australia’s recycling crisis.

Impact International has partnered with ten of Australia’s most recognised brands for the launch of this world-first initiative: Bondi Sands, Natio, De Lorenzo Hair Care, Lovekins, Breeze Balm, Ultraceuticals, Chroma Australia, Pump Hair Care, tbh Skincare, and Soodox.

“The forest has been divided into 20 lots, with 10 lots are already allocated. This means we have room for more brands to join us in the forest,” Lajovic said.

Offsetting carbon of 30 million tubes: Impact forest
Offsetting carbon of 30 million tubes: Impact forest
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