Lithocraft switches Arnotts displays to recyclable

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Melbourne print business Lithocraft has enabled Arnott’s Group to shift all of its new point-of-sale displays across grocery and convenience channels to 100 per cent recyclable alternatives.

Now fully recyclable: Arnotts displays by Lithocraft
Now fully recyclable: Arnotts displays by Lithocraft

The new Arnott’s displays, developed in partnership with Lithocraft, will replace the regular plastic clips with 100 per cent recyclable paper clips made from a durable compressed paper. That alone will save 25 tonnes of plastic form going to landfill every year.

The displays will use also use a soluble varnish, instead of laminates, to allow for greater recyclability of the cardboard itself, enabling it to recycle over a million pieces of cardboard, saving much of what would have previously ended up in landfill.

The display towers, which are currently being rolled out, are transported in carboard boxes and any merchandising materials in compostable or biodegradable shrink wrap, which can be discarded in food organics bins.

Nick O’Sullivan, Lithocraft managing director, said that together with the Arnott’s team, Lithocraft was committed to implementing proactive strategies that offset the impact of the point-of-sale materials that it produces.

Full recyclable: Arnott's displays by Lithocraft
Saving landfill: Arnott's displays by Lithocraft

“From design through to delivery, we ensure the materials we use are considered, the quantities we produce are non-excessive, and are transported in compostable or recyclable outer packaging,” said O’Sullivan.

“We produce the majority of the Arnott’s point-of-sale materials at our Melbourne facility, which uses renewable solar energy to dramatically reduce our CO2 output, and we use Ecoclean recycling technology to ensure zero harm to the environment.”

Michelle Foley, chief customer officer at Arnott’s Group, said the shift was “driven by the ingenuity of our people in collaboration with Lithocraft. We’ve identified an opportunity where a small change, that does not impact the consumer experience, could have a profound impact on the environment,” Foley said.

The first 100 per cent recyclable displays are instore now, featuring some of Arnott's iconic baking biscuits available in the lead up to Christmas.

The Arnott’s Group says it is determined to make recycling as easy as possible for its consumers, which is why the company has committed to including the Australasian Recycling Label across 100 per cent of its products by 2023, with 56 per cent of products already bearing the label.

The cases and cartons used for Arnott’s products are already made from over 95 per cent recycled content, while over 90 per cent shelf cases have been changed from white to brown boxes over the past four years, removing thousands of tonnes of bleached paper from the supply chain each year.

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