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Trimatt Systems’ ColourStar AQ V, its colour digital packaging printing system, has won the coveted Mice (Melbourne International Coffee Expo) Product Innovation Award for coffee accessories.

Trimatt says the ColourStar AQ V “redefines sustainable printing” for paper and cardboard packaging, providing a “versatile and economic solution for eco-friendly packaging needs”.

The system's capabilities span various applications – from coffee bags to packing boxes, to take-away food packaging. 

“Securing this award and gaining industry-wide recognition is an exhilarating feat,” said Matt Johnson, Trimatt’s CEO. 

“Our victory can be attributed to the value people place on innovation, coupled with the relatability of supporting a local equipment manufacturer. 

“As pioneers in the engineering domain, we identify opportunities, invest considerable effort, channel resources into research and development, and subject our equipment to rigorous testing. It’s an intensive undertaking by the entire team, and the results are evidently remarkable.”

Speaking to Trimatt’s successful presence at the exhibition, Mel McFarlane, Trimatt’s marketing coordinator, remarked: “Participation in the event has been an overwhelming triumph for Trimatt, with substantial market interest. This recognition stands as a testament to the team’s alignment with the right course of action.”

The ColourStar AQ V places profit in food and drink manufacturers’ hands by providing a versatile and economic solution for eco-friendly packaging needs. 
Trimatt sales engineer Josh Johnson olourStar AQ V: versatile and economic solution for eco-friendly packaging 
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