Podcast: Leading in Print, with Wayne Finkelde

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Wayne Robinson, editor of Print21, discusses print leadership with Wayne Finkelde, CEO of AAB Holdings which includes Pegasus Print, SOS Print & Media, F&M Supplies and AB Warehousing & Logistics.

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In the fifth episode in our Leading in Print series for The Print Files, Wayne Finkelde reviews his family's history in print and how he started working in the family business. Having attended formal management courses in his early 20s, Wayne was able to build on that foundation through continuously learning from those around him and being open to input from others to further progress his career.

Leading in print: Wayne Finkelde (right) CEO, AAB, with Print21 editor Wayne Robinson
Leading in print: Wayne Finkelde (right) CEO, AAB, with Print21 editor Wayne Robinson

The discussion also covers the growth of AAB and Wayne's views on managing debt, expanding beyond a single industry, identifying opportunities for acquisition, and the challenge of integrating staff from multiple entities into a cohesive whole. He also covers the importance of making hard decisions up front before they become worse decisions later, and being willing to take calculated risks when necessary.

Wayne then discusses the values that underpin his leadership and how he manages to balance the responsibility of being a CEO with staying healthy and finding a work/life balance.

The episode wraps up with Wayne's advice for the younger generation and emerging leaders in the print industry, particularly regarding decision making and dealing with change.

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