The Print Files Ep 20: Cyber security for printers

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Listen up... to the how, why and what of cyber security for the print industry by internet security expert Ajay Unni, founder of StickmanCyber, a crucial topic for print businesses to be on top of.

In this episode, Wayne Robinson, editor of Print21, talks with Ajay Unni, the founder of cyber security business, StickmanCyber. No stranger to the print industry, and a member of the 2020 NSW government cyber security taskforce, Ajay understands the threats and the importance of cyber security to printers.

Cyber security steps essential: Ajay Unni with Wayne Robinson
Cyber security steps essential: Ajay Unni with Wayne Robinson

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Data security is one of the biggest challenges for the print industry due to their use of multiple online suppliers, and the often confidential data they hold on behalf of clients. In this podcast, Ajay explains why print businesses are a target, and how the unprotected are susceptible to the four main types of cyber crime. He covers the need for defence against the unpredictable threats of cyber attack, and presents a clear step-by-step approach to security programmes and policies that can dissuade casual opportunist criminals.

Ajay also recommends network monitoring and response tools, as well as the Australian government's guides for SMEs to help contribute towards national cyber security. We wrap up with justification for investment in effective cyber security, and insights into the harsh realities of cyber vulnerabilities and their repercussions.

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About Ajay Unni:
Ajay Unni has over 30+ years’ IT industry experience, with over 15 years as a cyber-security specialist. He is the founder of StickmanCyber, a business that helps companies mitigate their cyber-security risks. Ajay named the company after the countless stick figures he used in flow charts, throughout his years in the software and cyber-security industry.

Ajay was selected to join the 2020 NSW Government’s Cyber Security Task Force, a carefully curated group of experts tasked with accelerating the adoption of industry standards for cyber-security across Australia and also contributed to the 2021 NSW Government Cyber Security Strategy. He also sits on the board of CREST ANZ, a non-profit that provides cyber security accreditation for companies, individuals and corporate entities and promotes best practice information security services.

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