The Print Files Podcast: It's Been A Big Month In Print

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Wayne Robinson, editor of Print21, and Lindy Hughson, publisher of Print21 and PKN Packaging News, bring us a review and analysis of the major developments, issues and trends emerging in the ANZ print industry during August.

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Covid continues to impact the economy and the print industry with businesses dealing with changing restrictions and falling demand, which has been further impacted by Clubs in Australia no longer having to send notices via mail. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, most print businesses are closed due to the Stage 4 lockdown currently in place, although government support is available.

The biggest industrial relations issue of the year is growing in Australia with workplaces starting to implement "No Jab, No Work" policies and the Fair Work Commissioner introducing guidance to help advise owners and managers. We look at what that means.

We assess the latest annual results from IVE and Amcor, and note oOh!media has managed to improve despite the impacts on outdoor media. Wide format businesses are making new investments despite the reduction for many due to events being all but halted for the rest of the year, and we see offset printing presses are selling fast overseas, and ask if that is portent for these shores.

We wrap with a celebration of print industry history, including the Penrith Print Museum that has reached twenty years of operation, Eckersley Print Group celebrating fifty years, and check the progress of Clint Harvey's Bacon Factory letterpress studio.

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