Discover how SS Signs doubled its printing speed and unlocked growth with the HP Latex 8OO W Printer

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In the ever-evolving world of vehicle wraps and signage printing, Steve Lambourn, director and owner of SS Signs, Brisbane, believes it is the cutting-edge technology that keeps him ahead of the competition.

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Acquiring new customers: SS Signs

Tackling challenges
Being in the print business for 15 years, Steve’s biggest challenge was to keep up with the increasing demand for faster and larger print jobs, especially with the industry being notoriously last minute. He required a flexible printer that would enable them to tackle such immediate requirements, and chose to invest in the HP Latex 800 W Printer. Steve shares, “We were sure this printer had the potential to immediately increase our productivity. We were the first company to install it in Australia. Today, our company specialises in LED screens, vehicle wraps, large signages and billboards along with other applications; and we have doubled our printing speed. The HP Latex 800 W Printer has enabled us to diversify our business, and now our options are limitless.”

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Colour consistency and opacity: HP Latex 800 W at SS Signs 

Redefining productivity
SS Signs has been able to streamline its workflow and boost its performance tremendously. Steve explains, “Our HP printer enabled us to improve our productivity by reducing our production timeline and related costs. We increased our turnaround speed by 50 per cent and can beat our deadlines now! Additionally, the company continues to benefit from not having to degass the prints. It’s instantly off the printer, then on the laminator and finally on the vehicle.” Equipped with HP PrintOS, it allows Steve to cost the job to the very last drop of ink and manage the print operation from virtually anywhere. 


Superior print quality and versatility with the HP Latex White Ink

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New opportunities: the HP Latex 800 W at SS Signs in Brisbane

Talking about vivid colours and superior print quality, Steve recalls, “When this printer was installed in our factory, and we saw the first print come off — it was outstanding. The colour consistency and opacity of the White was unbelievable, something we had not seen before.” His team now uses the White Ink seamlessly without any complexity on a wider range of applications, ranging from self-adhesive vinyl and vehicle graphics to stunning outdoor displays, textiles and more."

From vehicle wraps and pylon signs to outdoor display, LED and general signage, SS Signs offers an extensive range of applications. “We have been able to expand our offerings with a better colour consistency between runs, and that too on any substrates. I notice much sharper texts and phenomenal colour quality. HP Latex 800 W has enabled us to take on higher-value jobs and acquire new customers,” shares Steve.


Sustainable printing

SS 3
Safe working: HP Latex 800 W

As the business grows, it becomes more important than ever for Steve to ensure the well-being of employees as well as the environment. “The water-based HP Latex inks allow us to avoid any hazards associated with solvent or UV without trading off the performance. I feel like I am not just keeping myself and my employees safe, but my customers as well,” he adds.

An exciting future with HP
With HP Latex 800 W, Steve is assured his team can keep pushing boundaries and seizing new opportunities. He opines, “My parents started this company 49 years ago with screen printing. Today, we are working with a diversity of clients from niche to blue-chip companies. HP goes beyond the product demo and assists you along the way to explore new techniques to keep delivering outstanding results.”

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